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Created: August 08, 2019 | by Camp Galil
Kupa Trip to Dorney Park!

Hey Everyone! 

Gali the Sheep here feeling equally sunned & funned! Why? Because we took the ENTIRE machaneh (camp) to Dorney Park & Wild Water Kingdom for our second session Kupa Trip! 

Okay okay, some of the chanichimot (campers) may have been under the impression that we were first going to a pickle factory and THEN the learn how how to milk cows today. Others were told that we needed to pack our space gear from Bocoup because we were actually headed to the moon! At machaneh, we have a longstanding history of inserting the silly wherever we can! This way we get to both have fun and keep a bit of mystery up our sleeves with our chanichimot. All of that being said, when our chanichimot were told told they needed to pack things like a bathing suit, sunscreen, and change of clothes I think they figured out that we wouldn’t be pickling or traveling to another planet. 

Like our tiyulim (camping trips), one of the things we love about going to places like Dorney Park is that you never know who you are going to end up spending the day with. All of our chanichimot are divided into smaller groups who travel around with a tzevet (staff) member for the day. Some of the groups are really hard core about hitting up every roller coaster they can while others want to spend the entire day in the water park. Additionally, there are groups that want to do a healthy mix of both. Everybody seems to find the right group for their amusement park preferences and gets the opportunity to spend time with those who they might not on a regular basis. 

We create as much magic as we can while physically at machaneh. However, there is something to be said about getting to learn and grow when we have the chance to step out of our regular environment as well as the behavior and dynamics that come along with it. 

do want to shoutout the small squad of Nitzanimot (2nd & 3rd graders) who enthusiastically committed to spending the entire day today riding bumper cars. I wish we knew the in-house record for most times anyone rode bumper cars in a day at Dorney Park, because two of our Nitzanimot went 10 TIMES. They did remark, however, that on the seventh time they had less fun because they were “stuck in traffic.”

ANYWAY! After we returned to machaneh, we showered, put on some clean clothes and had a minute to relax before heading to a delicious lasagna dinner! From there we threw on our PJ’s and brought a few blankets to the kikar (field) for a movie night! 

We can’t wait to bring in our final shabbat of the summer tomorrow! It’s not just that it’s shabbat, but our friends from Kvutzah 71 (Post 10th Grade) just returned from MBI (their summer in Israel with Habonim Dror North America) and they are coming to see us for MBI Weekend!! We’re SO excited to see them, welcome them home to Galil, and hear the stories from their incredible summer! 

Until then, 

Gali the Sheep

PS. What does a sheep say on a roller coaster? “BAAAAAAAAHHHHHH” but it just sounds like everybody else is saying it too.