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Created: July 11, 2022 | by Camp Galil
Marvelous Monday

Hey Galil, here is a note from Theo, one of our Bogrimot, about last night’s Bozman!

Last night was Bozman. Bozman is a night where the Bogrimot and the rest of the chanichimot “kick” all of tzevet out of camp and run camp for the night. The Bogrimot pick the dinner and run a party for the rest of camp! For dinner we had pancakes, hashbrowns, vegetarian sausage, and spiced apples. At the party we had a cotton candy machine, root beer float bar, cup pong with soda and lots of other fun things. The Bogrimot also pick a theme for the night to base all the activities on. The theme picked was lumber. Last night was a great experience for us and the whole camp, and it helped us learn leadership abilities for when we’re actually running camp one day.

Even though I wasn’t there, everyone I talked to said they had an amazing time! With camp still buzzing from last night, we started today the usual way, with hitkansut boker, ivrit shimushit, breakfast, and avodah. Then, everyone headed to their first peulah of the day. The parpar (post 5th and 6th graders) learned about behavioral science, and later about Habonim Dror through a fun game of Jeopardy. The Tzophimot (post 7th graders) made a music video using the same process as we use to plan activities. They not only produced an awesome video, but learned about how activities start from ideas and transform into reality. I accompanied the Bogrimot on the ropes course, which is always a good time.

Tonight’s tochnit erev focused on different types of neurodiversity, including ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder and OCD. Chanichimot had the opportunity to visit different stations and participated in activities and discussions centered around this issue. Stations included a discussion of Autism’s representation in media using different examples, attention management, reading a book about neurotypicality, and simulating OCD using silly putty and glitter. The whole night went really well- I was really happy with the level of focus and engagement by the kids with such an important topic.

After the tochnit erev, we had a surprise: tomorrow is revo! This is a day when the Madatz (CITs) kick out all of the madrichimot and run the day for themselves You will hear all about it tomorrow from one of our madatz!! See you then!