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Created: June 30, 2024 | by Camp Galil
Meet our 1st Session Tzevet!

Shalom Galil families!

It may be hard to believe, but opening day is here! While soon-to-be campers have hopefully been enjoying some downtime between the end of school and the start of camp, the tzevet(staff) have been on campgrounds for the past two weeks, getting camp ready for our chanichimot (campers.) From deep-cleaning cabins to writing peulot(lessons) to vigorous lifeguarding and ropes trainings –and a couple pool parties during break time– tzevet has worked long and hard to prepare for an incredible first session.

In case you are wondering who exactly are the people who will be watching your children this summer, read on for first session tzevet reveals.


Our youngest campers (campers post 3rd and 4th grade) can look forward to an exciting first session with Amina, Dahlia, and Adam, who are all returning tzevet members, as well as Jasmine, a first-year, and Jarryd, who is freshly imported from Habonim Dror Australia.


Chotrimot (post 5th grade) will be led by the sensational combination of Maddie and Dan, who are returning tzevet, first-years Gil and Sebina, and Bella, an Australian.


The combined kvutzot of Sayrimot and Tzophimot (post 6th and post 7th grades) are in the capable hands of returning tzevet Jonah and Lior, first-years Maya and Eliza, as well as –winning say-tzo the prize for the most international tzevet– Ruby from Australia and Carol from Israel.


Our Bonimot (campers post 8th grade) can count on returning tzevet Aaron and Hannah, first-years Lillian and Salmane, and Sasha from Israel. 


Our oldest chanichimot (post 9th grade) will be guided by returning tzevet Peri, Hanna, and Charlie, Yuval from Israel, and Emi from our sister camp in Toronto.


Our counselor-in-training program this year will be run by returning tzevet members Emmanuel and Elijah.


Working in partnership with our professional chef, Felton, our kitchen staff work to make sure chanichimot are well-fed with delicious and nourishing food. Headed by the amazing Zoë, mitbach staff includes returning tzevet member Ethan as well as first-years Kendall, Toby, and Ruby.


Leading our entire camp this year, Mazkirut consists of our Rosh Julia, our Chinuch Helen, our Techni Margot, our Melaveh David, and our Shaliach Guy.


We’d like to extend a special welcome to our three shlichim from Israel who will be joining us on tzevet this year: Carol, Yuval, and Sasha.

Lastly, I’d like to introduce myself! My name is Mira, and I will be the communications specialist for the first session of camp. I wrote this post and will be writing all upcoming blog updates, and I’m the person behind the camera for almost all camp photos.