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Created: June 20, 2022 | by Camp Galil
Meet the 1st Session 2022 Tzevet!

We are so excited to be starting Camp Galil this week! The tzevet (which is Hebrew for staff) has been at camp since early June, working, training and preparing for our chanichimot’s (Hebrew for campers) arrival in the next few days. Read on to meet the 1st Session Tzevet!

2022 Mazkirut

First off, we have the Mazkirut. We met them in an earlier blog post, but if you haven’t seen it yet – check them out!

Amelimot Tzevet

Next, we have our Amelimot Tzevet. This group will be working with campers in 3rd-4th grade! They are led by Josh, a returning staff member who just came back from Habonim Dror’s Workshop in Israel. He’s joined by Sienna, a fellow Workshopper; Peri and Maddie, who are longtime Galil alumni and in their first year on Tzevet; and Gal, a Summer Shaliach from Israel!

Par Par Tzevet

Next, we have our Par Par Tzevet who will be working with Chotrimot and Sayarimot (5th & 6th grades) this summer! They are led by Gabby, another returning staff member and member of the Camp Galil Board of Directors. She is joined by Sydra, Eli and Trent, all long-time Galil alumni and first-year tzevet members, and by Mira, a Summer Shlicha from Israel!

Tzevet Tzophimot

Here, we have Tzevet Tzophimot! They are working with our 7th graders, and are led by Charlotte, who originally hails from Camp Tavor but is back for her second summer with Galil. She is joined by first-year tzevet members, Dahlia and Aaron, and returning tzevet member, Andre!

The Galil Specialists

This amazing team of people are our Galil Specialists this summer! First off, we have Noa, a returning tzevet member, and they are joined by Kai, a first-year, and Jonah, a Workshopper from Gesher, who will be working on Teva (Nature). They’ll be handling the Ropes Course, the Gan (Garden), planning our Tiyulim (camping trips) and taking care of our baby lambs! Then, we have Gal, a summer shlicha from Israel who is our Lifeguard, overseeing all things aquatics. Next, we have Hannah, a first-year tzevet member who will be leading Omanut (Arts & Crafts) this summer. We also have Guy, a summer shaliach from Israel, who is our Videographer this summer, and Jonah (off-camera) returning as Communications Specialist. Finally, we have Penn (off-camera) returning to Galil as our Driver/Procurement Specialist.

Bonimot Tzevet

Next we have our Bonimot Tzevet! Bonimot are our 8th graders, and they are led by returning staff member, Isaac. He is joined by returning staff member, JuJu, first-year staff member Amina, and two summer shlichot from Israel! Moran is coming for her first summer, and Batya rejoins us after having previously been at Galil with Habonim Dror Mexico!

Tzevet Bogrimot

Tzevet Bogrimot gets to work with Galil’s 9th graders! They are led by returning tzevet member and co-Rosh Eizor, David. He is joined by Amos, who just returned from Workshop, and Emmanuel, who is also returning for another summer at machaneh! And rounding out the group, we have Mushka, a summer shlicha from Israel!

Tzevet Mitbach

We have our scrumptious Tzevet Mitbach (Kitchen Staff) who bring a rainbow of flavors to the Galil Mitbach (kitchen)! Led by Rosh Mitbach, Zandra, she is joined by a whole host of returning staff members, including Zoe and Koby (who just returned from Workshop), as well as Sam, Laney and Hannah! We also have longtime Galilniks, but first-year staff, Macy and Margot. Offscreen, we have Chris coming back as the Cook.

Madatz Madrichimot

Paul and Lily are among our senior-most Madrichimot (counselors) at Galil. They will be leading our Madatz – the 11th graders and counselors in training. Lily is a longtime Galilnik back for her fourth summer on tzevet, and Paul, who grew up at Camp Na’aleh, is doing his second stint as Madatz madrich!

The Galil Nurses!

Finally, we have our Camp Nurses. Leyli comes back to Galil after a long pandemic hiatus and Nina joins us for her first summer at Galil. They’ll be in the MARP (Health Center) for all of Galil’s healthcare needs!