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Created: June 27, 2023 | by Camp Galil
Monday Funday!

Hello Galil Community!

I hope everyone in the Philadelphia area stayed safe during the tornado warning. We had quite the day today, but we stayed safe and took the necessary precautions. 

Similar to yesterday, the weather was a bit better this morning, and we were able to do our typical morning activities. The kids got to go to Hitkansut Boker around the Toran, and saw the newest skit from Ivrit Shimushit. They did the typical morning routine, going to breakfast then avodah, nikayon tzrif then sa’adnaot with the specialists and Madatz. 

For pish the Nemarimot (AmCho) started ropes before the storm interrupted them. The Sayarimot talked about gender expression and then held a fashion show. The Tzophimot learned about the equality of human value and did various activities like making bracelets to go along with their peula. The Bonimot leaned about gender and drew their perceptions of gender and examined what how their drawings related to gender and expression in society. They also made a poster about what they want gender dynamics to look like in their kvutza. The Bogrimot learned how to write a program and began writing programs for each other. 

After Pish, everyone went to lunch then had some chofesh before chuggim. During chuggim, there were plenty of fun activities the kids got to participate in. The Dungeons and Dragons Chug ran around acting out their fantasies, Chug Degrassi ran around with the “new kid” before quickly realizing he was evil and got him out of their school. Chug “i” spied on the other chugs then played gaga. Chug Nart continued working on their mural and Chug Jury Duty delved deeper into their case, hearing more testimonials and trying to figure out who was guilty. 

Chuggim ended up getting interrupted by a tornado warning, so everyone made their way to the safe spots to wait out the potential storm. While waiting, we sang both camp songs and disney songs at the top of our lungs and played some fun games like mafia. Soon the threat passed and everyone moved on to pish bet. 

Following pish bet was kibbud, then sports. Today kids had the option of playing basketball, swimming, running and the rock wall. Everyone was able to go out and play some sports before the thunder returned. 

After dinner, we stayed in the chadar ochel (dining hall) for shira (singing) and then we headed over to the moadon for a rainy day activity that was Chunnel themed. The chanichimot went to different stations to prepare for their journey. They answered trivia about the Chunnel, drew fake British passports, played with water balloons, and interviewed potential dog sitters. Then, we took our “train” to France and went inside the moadon. Everyone worked together to stop a leak in the Chunnel and then we sang Rad Hayom to close off the day.