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Created: August 04, 2022 | by Camp Galil
Nitzanimot Arrived!

Hey Galil families!!

It’s the Madatz (CIT) here! Today we had an amazing day! The Nitzanimot (taste of Galil) arrived today and spent their day learning some rikkud (Israeli dancing), swimming in the pool, climbing the rock wall, and making delicious chocolate balls in the mitbach (kitchen). The rest of camp also had a fun day! They spent their morning choosing which chug (club)  they wanted to go to, all run by the madatz (CIT). Their options were reading, cards, guided meditation, or a mystery chug. 

The bonimot enjoyed most of the day on high ropes and learned teamwork skills and kvuztah (age group) bonding. After a delicious lunch of build your own ramen – shout out  tzevet mitbach (kitchen staff)! – campers chose which sport they wanted to attend. For pish bet the Amelimot and Shorishimot watched a documentary about kids who do drag. The tzophimot came together to plan their oneg, which is the little play a kvutzah puts on after Friday night dinner making jokes about what happened that week. 

Before dinner the campers went to shira (singing time) and found out that tonight’s activity was going to be drag themed!! Each shicvah (age group) was instructed to plan a choreographed dance to perform in front of our special guest Asia Monroe, a drag queen from Philadelphia. All the campers dressed up and choreographed a dance with their age group! After dinner, Ms. Asia Monroe, performed for all the campers with a live DJ to accompany her. Each shicvah performed their dance – and we even got a special performance from the tzevet (counselors). Asia Monroe loved the kids’ energy and even stated “this is the best show I have ever had!” 

Talk to you later!