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Created: June 22, 2022 | by Camp Galil
Opening Day 2022!

Hello Galil families! Welcome to The Blog. My name is Jonah, this session’s communications specialist. Each evening I will be posting photos and describing the events of the day. This afternoon, despite the threat of rain, we welcomed this session’s Galilniks! After meeting their Madrichimot (counselors) and unpacking in their tzrifim (cabins), everyone participated in a round of ice breakers, learned the machaneh (camp) rules, and took a tour of some of the most important locations for the summer.

The chanichimot (campers) started at the Mirpa’a (health center) and were introduced to our wonderful nurses, Leyli and Nina. Next, they stopped in the Gan (garden) to meet the sheep and learn about the herbs and vegetables that they will grow throughout the summer. They then visited the Mitbach (kitchen) to see where the food is made and met our Rosh Mitbach, (head of the kitchen) Zandra. After their trip to the mitbach, the chanichimot got to meet our leadership team, also known as Mazkiruit. Up next was a visit to the Beit Omanut (art center), and then off to the brecha (pool).

Once everyone was familiarized with machaneh, they gathered in the Moadon (meeting hall) to learn a song! We were getting pretty hungry by this time, but luckily it was time for dinner. We had chicken nuggets, french fries, and green beans, accompanied as always by a salad bar full of fresh produce. As per Galil tradition, we finished dinner with songs and chants full of energy and excitement for the summer to come. Following dinner was some chofesh (free time) before the chanichimot returned to the Moadon to learn about this sessions chugim (interest groups) with fun introductory skits. It was an amazing first day, and I am so excited for the days to come!

See you tomorrow!