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Created: July 20, 2022 | by Camp Galil
Opening Day :)

Hey Galil families, as you probably know, today was our first day of second session! We were so happy to meet all of the new chanichimot (campers) as well as welcome back the returning chanichimot. After everyone got checked in and parents said their goodbyes, we got right into the summer with some icebreakers done in kvutzot (age groups). When everyone was more acquainted with their kvutzah mates, we got changed into bathing suits and headed down to the brecha (pool) to escape the heat. As we get closer to dinner, we usually have all of machaneh (camp) head to the toren (flag pole) for some shira (singing), but today, we were having so much fun in the water, that we decided to have shira in the pool. After that, everyone got showered and changed, and we headed to dinner. For dinner we had schnitzel sandwiches and green beans before having a short break and then heading to the Moadon (great hall).

In the Moadon, we learned about the different chugim (interest groups/clubs) we are offering this session. The chugim being run are Video Editing (in which chanichimot will practice editing videos that they film around machaneh), Into the Gamerverse (in which chanichimot play board games in real life), Avatar (in which chanichimot will have missions that they must complete using the four elements from the Nickelodeon show Avatar: the Last Airbender), Culture Art (in which chanichimot will create art based off of different styles around the world), Improv (in which chanichimot will have a new theme each day and learn how to improvise about different concepts), and This is Ours (in which chanichimot will create a show about themselves).

To end the night, the chanichimot split back up into their kvutzot to sign up for their chugim and their avodot (jobs) that they will do throughout the session. Some of the avodot are gan (garden) where the chanichimot work in the garden and tend to the sheep, medurah (bonefire) where the chanichimot chop wood and build the fire that we have on Saturday nights, and briuet (health/bathroom cleaning) where the chanichimot clean the bathrooms around machaneh. The purpose of all of these avodot is to learn to rely on ourselves as the Machaneh Galil community to keep our space and facilites nice and clean. We emphasize this, as it is in our values to care for the space that we inhabit and not rely on others to make sure we feel happy, healthy, and comfortable.

That ends our rundown of the day, but we also wanted to share how excited we are to be hosting chanichimot from Habonim Dror Mexico (HDMX) this summer. There are two madrichimot (counselors) from HDMX who are returning after a four year hiatus. We are thrilled to have all 16 members of HDMX this summer and are eager to learn from their traditions and share ours.

Finally, we wanted to introduce the Peilimot (specialists). We have the two Beit O’manut (art room) peilot, Hannah and Batya (who is one of the two returning HDMX madrichimot), Guy, the videographer, who is continuing to bring you the weekly videos showcasing our wonderful machaneh, Gal who is also continuing her tafkid (job/task) from last session as the lifeguard, Noa and Jonah (who is joining us from Habonim Dror Machane Gesher in Ontario, Canada) are our Teva (nature) peilimot who plan our tiyul (camping trip) and run our ropes course and zipline for the chanichimot, and finally, there is Amos, our Communications specialist. That’s me! I am going to be brining you all of the pictures and write the blog everyday. I’m very excited to show you all of the wonderful parts of machaneh that give your children the magical summer they love.

Until next time, Amos