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Created: June 25, 2023 | by Camp Galil
Our First Shabbat together!

Hello Galil community and Shavua Tov!

After a busy start to camp, Shabbat allowed everyone to relax a bit before bringing in the new week. The day started with a sleep in and an extra-special Saturday breakfast of donuts and danishes. The Chanichimot got to relax and eat until 11:00, when they got to go to Bogrim Chuggim. This is a program run every Saturday where the oldest kids run a series of activities the younger kids can participate in. This can include arts and crafts, sports, spa days, and other fun programs entirely run by the Bogrimot. 

Following Bogrim Chuggim was Chug Ritz, a similarly structured time where Tzevet runs various programs for the kids to further educate them on the world or machane spaces. This week kids got to learn about different themes such as racism, inflation, queer spaces and others. Chug Ritz allows for a deeper dive into social issues while maintaining a thoughtful environment during Shabbat. 

Lunch was next, where each kvutzah ate together all around Machane. We had some pita and falafel with a side of israeli salad. The chanichimot were able to hang out with their friends while enjoying some chofesh and time for free swim and playing basketball and tossing a disk. 
Before dinner the Bogrimot led Musical, a time where the people can perform songs for machane in front of the MiniMo. This week we got to see various songs, and some instrumental renditions. To wrap up Musical, Mazkirut sang a parody they wrote to recap all that has happened so far in the session, reminding us all of the magic at machane. 

We then all walked to dinner together, then after some chofesh (free time) moved to kumzits, a time where all of Machane sits together and sings chill songs. My personal favorite this week was when we sang “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Kumzits got everyone in the right mood to move into the havdalah spiral. Everyone at camp grabbed hands and walked together, singing “Lo Yisa Goy” until we were ready to sit down. Four of the madrichimot, Peri, Charlie, Rachel and Maddie, prepared some songs they sang together for everyone to relax to, before starting the prayers for Havdalah. 

Havdalah always leads into Medurah, the giant bonfire/ talent show held every Saturday night. This week Medurah was held in the smaller fire place because of the recent weather, but it still held the same energy and excitement that the usual fire brings. Every few acts a different age group is sent to get ice cream, starting with the youngest. They all ran to the Chadar Ochel (Dining Hall) to an ice cream-dance party, before making their way back to the tzrifim where the Bogrimot helped put them to bed. And that wraps up Shabbat!