Welcome to the Parents section of our website!  Please look around.  The answers to (most of) your questions will be found in this section.  Any additional concerns can be addressed by our office at or (215) 832-0677. 
A few words from real Galil 2016 parents: 
"I think the community building is wonderful and the thoughtfulness about instilling values. My son also loved the food! I also thought that the counselors were great at making a first time camper feel very comfortable away from home."  
"Great sense of community, strong connection to Israel and tikkun olam (healing the world)."  
"The community environment is wonderful. The fact that there is an emphasis on everyone being included, all ages working together, and respect for each other is great. Also, the teaching of responsibility and that each camper has a work assignment is outstanding. I think the emphasis on creating good human beings who care about each other and the world is very special, and refreshingly different from what goes on at most camps and in most communities today. The critical empahsis on Jewish tradition and values, and Israel, is equally important."  
"My daughter LOVES camp and I see you are doing so much that has heart and is so powerful in helping kids deal with each other and build meaningful relationships and feel accepted and appreciated."  
"You hire great staff, and give them good training and motivation and help them nurture leadership skills and idealism in younger kids.  The communication is also wonderful - I really like your broader use of email, internet and Facebook."  
"Our children would attend Galil year-round if they could. They live for it!"  
"My children are proud to be Jewish because of their time at Galil. They learn more about being Jewish and Zionism there then at Hebrew School."  
"You do a great job of fostering thoughtful, ethical and considerate kids who can analyze their society critically and independently and are equipped to resist peer pressures outside Habonim and the pressure to conform to mainstream, consumerist, sexist society. You've also given my kids a positive body and self image. This is a unique and very valuable function. You also do great at fostering group identity and identification with camp, Habonim, and its wonderful ideals of progressive Judaism. Camp is by far the most positive Jewish experience my child has received."  
"Camp Galil was wonderful in unifying children in spirit and Jewish identity. By working together, children understood the meaning of 'team' effort, work and love/respecting others. The loving environment that my child was in, could not have been better anywhere else!"  
"The sense of community and belonging is wonderful. It is great to see the kids so happy."  
"The relationships between the chanichim (campers) and the madrichim (counselors) are great, personal and meaningful. The youth drive of the camp teach the kids very important skills and values. The values that are being communicated through out the camp are all precious things that can't be found in other places. I appreciate them so much."  
"The atmosphere of acceptance, happiness, and productivity are incredible."  
"I believe that what is wonderful and unique about Galil is the seamless and 'happy' way each child is made to feel comfortable and happy with themselves; how the entire staff works to foster strong community; how there is genuine respect and caring for Jewish and democratic values; how Galil really fosters the notion of 'klal yisrael' and minimizes denominationalism; and how dear and valued a strong Israel narrative is to staff and campers."