A Typical Day at Camp

Camp GalilCamp Galil's daily schedule is packed with meals, education, sports, and community/group activities, while still providing enough free time during the day for rest. Here are a few parts of the schedule (seder yom) for a typical day at Galil, plus some activities that we do only on Shabbat to make the day special from the rest of the week. 
Wake-Up (hashkama): Campers wake each morning to music that is broadcast in cabins over the camp loudspeaker system.  Counselors living in their cabins assist campers, as needed, in getting ready to greet a new day. 
Morning Flag-Raising (hitkansut boker): Gathering at the flagpole to raise the American and Israeli flags.  This is the first all-camp event of the day.  Campers also participate in our useful Hebrew (Ivrit Shimushit) skit every morning. 
Breakfast (aruchat boker)  

Work (avodah) Work (avodah): As Galil is based on the style of a kibbutz in Israel, avoda is an integral part of that experience.  Each camper chooses a work project at the beginning of each session of camp, such as working in the garden (gan), taking care of the animals at camp, helping the lifeguards at the pool, or reorganizing the arts & crafts center. 
Cabin cleaning (nikayon tzrif): Each day the campers return to their cabins to clean before starting the rest of the day. 

Age Group Activity (peulat shikvah):  
An activity run every regular day exclusively within age groups.  This time is used either for fun educational activities that promote our summer curriculum or for games and activities that promote group building and community. 
Instructional Swim (schiya limudit): Instructional swim is mandatory for all campers through Sayarim (going into 7th grade).  The schedule is done on a rotational basis so each age group has the pool all to themselves during their instructional swim period. 
Sports (zman sport):  Campers choose their sport on a weekly basis.  We offer a variety of options including soccer, ultimate frisbee, basketball, swimming, track, volleyball, football, aerobics, and yoga.

Washing (rachatzah)Washing (rachatzah): This time is set aside for campers to shower or clean up after sports, but before lunch. 
Lunch (aruchat tzohoriyim)  
Rest Time (menucha): Campers relax in their bunks and take time to read and write their mail.  Other typical activities include practicing musical instruments, playing more sports, playing cards, and reading. 
Age Group Activity (peulat shikvah): Same as peulat shikvah aleph -- an activity run for each individual age group each day. 

Free Swim (schiya chofshit)Free Swim (schiya chofshit): A very popular part of hot summer days!      
Snack (kibud)  
Workshops (sadnaot): This is an opportunity for our campers to spend significant time around a specific topic.  Workshops offered include Hebrew, nature, ropes course, sports, arts and crafts, Israeli dancing, Israeli culture, and more.  These activities are run by specialists that Galil hires in each subject area. 

Elective Activities (chugim)Elective Activities (chugim): At the start of each session campers choose their chug and participate in them every regular day.  Chugim vary each year based on counselors' expertise.  Past examples have included soapstone carving, ultimate frisbee, arts and crafts, music appreciation, and yoga.

Singing and Evening Flag Lowering (shira v'hitkansut erev)Singing and Evening Flag Lowering (shira v'hitkansut erev): Each evening we gather the entire camp around the flagpole again to lower our flags.  During shira we teach camp songs in Hebrew and English.  Campers who already know the songs help to teach and new campers quickly get accustomed to our musical culture. 
Dinner (aruchat erev)  
Free time (chofesh)  

Evening Activity (tochnit erev): This activity is either with the whole camp or by age group.  Every evening is different and can be anything from a camp-wide game of capture the flag or themed party to a quiet, reflective small group activity. 
Lights Out/Bedtime (laila tov)  

Special Shabbat Activities at Camp 

Special Shabbat Activities at CampWelcoming the Sabbath (kabbalat Shabbat): Each age group (shikvah) takes a turn performing a Hebrew song, English song, and Israeli dance of their choosing for the rest of the camp.  The entire camp sings songs about Shabbat and peace before heading to a special dinner prepared in honor of Shabbat. 
Camper-Run Skit (oneg Shabbat): Each week another shikvah has the chance to write, star in, create the costumes and sets for, and direct a skit for the camp.  It's a wonderful opportunity for our campers' creative skills to shine! 
Israeli Dancing (rikud)  
Interest groups (chugim): Our Shabbat schedule (seder yom) is much more relaxed than the average day.  There are multiple opportunities for campers to choose a chug that is different than the one they usually participate in during the week. Chugim on Shabbat are usually more reflective and connected to nature.  Examples include nature hikes, making snacks from our garden, reading and discussing stories, low ropes course activities, and music appreciation. 
Musicale: A fantastic opportunity for campers to share their musical and poetic abilities in a supportive environment.  Campers usually play their instruments, sing, or read poems during this time. 

HavdallahHavdallah: The entire camp comes together to sing the prayers and listen to relaxing music under the stars. 
Bonfire (medurah): Another wonderful opportunity for campers to showcase their talents, but these performances are geared toward comedy, skits, dancing, and other such talents.  Run by our oldest campers, everyone has the opportunity to sign up and be a part of the experience.  We also sing camp songs and enjoy the campfire before heading back to the dining hall (chadar ochel) for an ice cream sundae bar.