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Created: July 25, 2023 | by Camp Galil
Plants, Zombies and Rookies!

Hello everyone,

Today was rookie day where aspiring campers came to visit our wonderfully, beautiful Camp Galil. We made lemonade with lavender and mint picked fresh from our gan (garden). We cut lemons, made a sugary syrup and enjoyed delicious iced cold lemonade on this hot, hot day.

Next we learned some classic Galil songs to get into the camp spirit. We followed shira with a yummy “grill and chill.” The mitbach (kitchen) grilled burgers and hotdogs while the entire camp ate together outside. The new rookie campers got a feel for the welcoming community that is present here at Galil. 

We followed lunch with tye-dye making and a nice tour of Galil. We then did some rikkud (dancing) and fresh pita making. We hope to see all of our new campers next year!

While this was going on, the tzophimot were on ropes!! They dress in long pants, clothes toed shoes and a hat to go on the zipline. They had a blast!

The weather was so beautiful today, a high of 85 and gorgeous sunshine! It was a great day to go into the pool to cool off, so free swim was a hit! The kids loved to splash around and have the time of their lives with their friends! While some kids were swimming others were getting their game on with basketball! They are future superstars!

Following sports and swim we had versus night! Tzevet was “infected” and had the chanichim had to run away and do certain tasks, like dancing with soooo much ruach to Thriller by Michael Jackson! AHHHHH. Tonight’s tochnit erev theme was ‘versus night’. The chadar (dining hall) was separated between Zombies, Plants, Barbie, Oppenheimer, Monsters, and Aliens! We had Pasta bar for dinner…yummm! The activities on tonight’s agenda were receiving immunity, collecting glowsticks, playing an exhilarating game of tag. 

The kids had a restful night’s sleep in preparation for tomorrow’s exciting day… Yom Israel! 

Talk to you tomorrow