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Created: August 08, 2022 | by Camp Galil

Hey Galil families, it’s Abby here to tell you about Revo!! I’m one of Galil’s Madatz (CITs) and today I served as machaneh’s photographer. In case you don’t already know, Revo, or Revolution, is the day where the Madatz kick out all of the tzevet and get to run camp (with the help of the Bogrimot, the oldest chanichimot), and this session our theme was Revality TV! After a 30-minute sleep-in, all of the chanichimot were woken up by hearing that they urgently needed to get to the pavilion. Once all of machaneh had collected, the Madatz rode in on the back of a pickup truck dressed as various Reality TV show characters such as Kim Kardashian, Gordon Ramsey, Judge Judy, and Dr. Phil. We announced that the tzevet had gotten all of us (Madatz) trapped in Reality TV and wouldn’t let us back out, which was, of course, a reason to kick them out.

After all of the tzevet had successfully been kicked out and it was finally the Madatz in charge, everyone was taken to breakfast through TV static (truck rides with confetti)! When all of the chanichimot reached the Kardashian residence, they had numerous food options with both an acai bowl and a toast bar. Then, once everyone had finished eating, we taught our Revo song. Following breakfast, all of the chanichimot were brought to the Mo where they were split into their shkavot (age groups) and entered a round-robin. At these various stations, they were tasked with going through a (carefully supervised) blindfolded obstacle course, finding candy by the creek, painting and decorating both a bench and our Revo mural, a riff-off and our very own “Connect the Datz,” where chanichimot searched through dozens of balloons to find ones with matching symbols drawn on. When all of the chanichimot got the chance to visit each station, everyone was brought back to the Mo where they watched highlights of the show “Impractical Jokers.” Simultaneously, shkavot were being called one at a time to try and “escape the tzevet,” a handmade escape room designed by some of the Madatz.

Our next stop was lunch at Nobu, with a Dum-Dum path on the way, which is almost literally exactly what it sounds like. At Nobu, we enjoyed hand-rolled sushi, seaweed salad, and fried rice, all curated by our Madatz Mitbach (or CITs who were in charge of making both the menu for each meal and the actual food). As lunch was wrapping up, we watched our own version of “Impractical Jokers,” starring the Madatz, chanichimot, and tzevet which we had filmed in the days leading up to Revo.

While the morning was lots of fun, the afternoon was nothing but action-packed. After lunch came a shaving cream fight which held lots of fun things including but not limited to shaving cream, water balloons, water guns, and a hose. Once the shaving cream had been emptied, chanichimot were allowed to go on both the slip n’ slide and one of our many exciting surprises of the day… a giant inflatable waterslide! Then, shkavot were called one by one down to the pool to take on Galil’s own “Wipeout,” where they were challenged to get across the pool using string, floaties, and pool noodles. Following Wipeout, we had a camp-wide pool party before chanichimot were (carefully) led (blindfolded) to the parking where another one of our big surprises was waiting! Our kibbud today was… Kona Ice! As chanichimot arrived in the parking lot they were met with a Kona Ice truck where they received shaved ice and then were able to add their own various flavorings.

After kibbud, everyone gathered in the chadar for “Fear the Tzevet,” or “Fear Factor,” where volunteers from the different shkavot stuck their hands in various hidden unknown (completely safe) mixtures. They were able to talk to their shikva about what they felt in the mixture and then everyone would try and figure out what the ingredients were. Afterward, chanichimot were led to the kickball field where we had “Queer Datz,” like “Queer Eye,” color war! Each Madatz had a baggie of colored powder which was distributed to the chanichimot that they were allowed to throw at one another, trying to make everyone as colorful as possible.
We had a delicious dinner of kebabs and homemade tortilla chips in Hyde Park surrounded by palm trees in a “Too Datz to Handle” fashion. Then came “Survivor.” All of machaneh was split into the grey team (Amelimot, Shorashimot, and Bogrimot), and the purple team (Tzophimot and Bonimot). Everyone was given a streamer of their color that they wore while running around the ultimate field while people from the opposing team tried to steal their streamers to “vote them off the island.” Around the ultimate field and the basketball court were hidden immunity idols with various advantages, such as a second life or even being able to get someone from the other team to switch sides, and of course, candy. Revality TV was finished off after the tzevet stormed our messibah, which featured classic stations such as POSEman (postman), Living on the Dancefloor (For Candy) (anything for candy), and of course a super hype dancefloor. While it was a long day and lots of hard work, it was super fun and all of machaneh had a great time. Our kvutzah was able to further our leadership abilities and create an amazing day for the chanichimot.