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Created: July 10, 2022 | by Camp Galil
Ropes, Lumber, And Everything In Between

Hey Galil, we began our last week with a day full of learning and fun! The morning started pretty normal, with hitkansut boker (morning flag raising), ivrit shimushit (daily hebrew learning skit), breakfast, and avodah (daily jobs). I accompanied the Bonimot (post 8th graders) on ropes today and I even got to try out the zipline! I had a blast zipping through the trees, but it was also awesome to see the kids navigating the course with ease. Many of them successfully completed the giant’s ladder, a gargantuine vertical “ladder” made of beams and cables that requires strength, flexibility, and successful teamwork to navigate.

The other age groups also did some pretty interesting stuff today- the amelimot (post 3rd and 4th graders) splashed around in the creek, the parpar (post 5th and 6th graders) had an activity learning about criminal justice and the voter suppression of America’s prison population, and the tzophimot (post 7th graders) discussed the different aspects of their Jewish identity. Chugim (interest groups) and sports followed- we recently switched which sport they were doing, so everyone had fun trying out their new sport!

Throughout the day, the Bogrimot (post 9th graders) were busy planning for tonight’s evening: Bozman! This is when the Bogrimot “kick out” the madatz (CITs) and the madrichimot (counselors) and run themed activities for the camp. This year’s theme was lumber! We will hear directly from a member of the Bogrimot about the night in tomorrow’s blog. See you then!