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Created: August 06, 2023 | by Camp Galil
Saturday @ Galil

Hi Galil community! We had such a lovely Saturday here at machaneh. After a yummy danish and cereal breakfast, the Bogrimot ran some chuggim for the chanichimot at camp. Several kids felt pensive today and joined the journaling chug, while others chose the more active soccer game. Afterwards, we had Chuggim Ritzinim. Chuggim included “Dissecting the Dangers of Famous Photos,” Queers in Space, a MBI information session for the Bogrimot run by the MBI-ers, and rewriting shira posters. A lot of the lyrics for the songs we teach at shira have been around for so long that the writing has faded, but today kids got the chance to revitalize them!

For lunch we had our usual falafel, pita, and Israeli salad, after which we went to Madatz Pish, an activity run for the kids by their Madatz. Today we played a campwide game of Monopoly! Next, we had a lot of free time filled with free swim, “Sport of the Week,” and Beit O time. This week the sport was basketball, and it was such a nice day that many kids went to the pool. Later we had Musicale, where kids got to perform songs for the rest of camp. It’s always a treat when Bogrimot and Amelimot pairs perform together, or when kvutzot dedicate a song to their tzevet. Today, we had both of these! Then, we went to dinner and had our weekly burrito bar.

After, we said goodbye to Shabbat with Havdalah and then made our way to the Medurah pit. We had many funny acts, and one by one each kvutza went up to the chadar for glida!