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Created: August 06, 2022 | by Camp Galil
Saying Hi to Old Friends

Hello Galil families!

To start this beautiful gorgeous day after our restful night dreaming dreams during Boslumber ;), we enjoyed a scrumptious spread of muffins prepared by the wonderful Bonimot. After we were fed and hydrated, we started an extra long avodah to ensure that our shabbat would be spent in a naki (clean) space. Then, as usual, the madatz took over and ran a peula for their chanichimot. Today, due to the heat resurgence, some of the madatz ran water activities during this time. During the morning, the nitzanimot had their own special plans. They started in the shire to create their own tiyul (camping trip) by setting up tents and collecting sticks for a bonfire. Then they spent some time in the pool to beat the heat before working together on a mural. 

After all the chaninchimot cooled off, they gathered outside the mini mo for Shabbat shira. Shabbat shira is an important time to teach channies galil traditions and culture. Today we learned a song called Oh my lord where we add jokes from every summer in the form of a verse to keep the Galil memory thriving.

To finish shabbat shira, the kvutzah with the most ruach and energy was called up at the end of each song to go get lice checked. Once, each chanichol was clear of lice, they went over to the chadar ochel for the Friday classic, pizza. Today, we had an array of differently flavored pizzas. We had classic cheese, pickle pizza, and sprinkles, as well as many more wacky combinations. As channies finished their lunch, the Bogrimot started passing out popsicles while others ran Hyde park. 

When Hyde Park had run its course, the chanichimot were sent off for a long chofesh to prepare for shabbat. Some chose to play ultimate frisbee during this time, some went for a dip in the pool, others still decided to spend their time reading and enjoying the sunny day. Yet, by the end of this time, everyone had cleaned themselves up for Shabbat dinner. This also happened to be when our MBIers rolled up to machaneh. MBI is a program that Habonim Dror North America runs for chanichimot that have just finished tenth grade. They tour Israel for five weeks, enriching their knowledge on our youth movement’s connection to the land before returning to their original machanot. Today, they got the chance to come back to Galil for the weekend and share their exciting stories that they recently experienced. They joined us for kabbalat shabbat, dinner, the oneg, and rikkud. Tomorrow is a day full of rest, relaxation, reflection, and rejuvenation.

Until tomorrow,