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Created: August 16, 2021 | by Camp Galil
See you next summer!!!

Hello Galil friends and families,

We’re so sad that our amazing summer has come to a close and that we had to say goodbye to all our friends, but we wanted to give you all one last blog post update on how we spent our last night at machaneh (camp)!

After packing up all our stuff Saturday afternoon and evening, it was time for the final messiba (party): Final MesiBaruch Hashem!! The theme was a celebration of all the parties we missed during quarantine. We had a bat mitzvah, a wedding, a birthday party, and a baptism all in one night! There was cake, ice cream, whipped crème, and a TON of candy to go around. We danced and sang to all our favorite party songs (Feker Libi of course), and took lots of photos with our friends to commemorate the summer! We even got one last ride in the back of Jeff’s truck around machaneh! After the messiba, some kvutza (age groups) got to go night swimming while others watched movies in their tzrifim (cabins). We were so exhausted from the evening that even though we wanted to stay up all night and spend every last minute with our friends, we finally fell asleep.

In the morning the chanichimot (campers) did some final packing and tzrif cleaning before saying their final goodbyes and “last wills” with their kvutza. Goodbyes are always sad, but we all had the best summer ever and we know we’ll see all of our friends next year for an even better summer!!!

Two friends at camp!

Thank you all for following along on these blog posts and pictures, and I’m so grateful to have spent this session capturing some amazing memories here at Galil!  SEE YOU ALL NEXT SUMMER!!

Much love,

<3 Mady