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Created: June 25, 2022 | by Camp Galil
Shabbat And Reproductive Justice

Hello Galil families, today our Shabbat had a more serious tone to it following the Supreme Court’s rollback of reproductive rights that we learned about yesterday. After a sleep-in and a breakfast of donuts and cereal, the chanichimot (campers) participated in chugim (interest groups) centered around reproductive justice. The programming included an introduction to the history of Roe v. Wade, learning about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Supreme Court’s pro-choice history, a workshop examining reproductive justice through the lens of Jewish teachings, a discussion about Justice/Tzedek itself and what it means to achieve it, education about the history of youth movements fighting for reproductive justice, and a reproductive justice art workshop where chanichimot channelled their feelings into drawings, protest signs, and letters. Walking around and listening to the conversations during this time, I was taken aback at the level knowledge and focus of even the youngest chanichimot.

After some chofesh (free time) to process the conversations that were had, the Madatz (counselors in training) ran peulot (activities) for their kids who they were matched with yesterday! Madatz peulot are a great chance not only for the chanichimot to get to know their Madatz, but for the Madatz to gain experience planning and running activities. Next, following more free time, was zman kvutzah (age group time). This is a time where madrichimot (counselors) run more calm activities centered around bonding and reflection. For lunch we enjoyed a picnic-style meal of falafe, salad, and homemade hummus.

In the early evening was our weekly Musicale, a time where individuals or groups perform in front of a supportive and loving crowd. This week we had a diverse group of performances ranging from tap dancing to a snare drum solo! After musicale, we sang more camp-favorite songs before transitioning into havdallah, a traditional ceremony marking the end of Shabbat and the transition into the coming week. Havdallah at Galil is one of my favorite times of the week, as I get a moment to look up at the stars and reflect on my week before entering another action packed day.

Once we acknowledged the end of Shabbat through prayer and song, it was time for medurah, which is our giant bonfire full of fun skits and acts! The fire was bright and the energy was high, but finally it was time for everyone’s favorite part of the week, glida (ice cream)!! That’s all for today. See you tomorrow to begin the first full week!