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Created: July 31, 2023 | by Camp Galil
Shabbat @ Galil

Hello Galil Families! Despite some rain we had a wonderful and restful Shabbat. Every weekend at Galil is so magical, and this week was no exception. On Friday, we started the day with one of our favorite breakfast options, muffins! From double chocolate to apple cinnamon, this Friday tradition is one of Galil’s sweetest, especially because the Bogrimot make them with lots of love. This week, instead of our usual pre-lunch Shabbat Shira, we tried something a little different. The Bogrimot lead an instructional rikkud lesson to help others learn the dances we do during Friday night rikkud. Rikkud is one of our favorite activities here at Galil, and it’s a great way to end the night every Friday! Next, we had another fan favorite for lunch: Pizza!

After lunch we had rest time during which we played the sport of the week, soccer, and kids can get ready for shabbat. Once everyone is ready we all gather for mishpachot, or family time. At this time, kids split into different groups with a mix of all the kvutzot (age groups) and reflect about their week. Then, we sang our way back to the Toren with a guitar lead procession. After a few more songs around the flagpole, it was time for the kvutzah of the week to lead Kabbalat Shabbat (Friday night prayers). We all gathered at the chadar (dining hall), and after the prayers were said we ate an amazing Asian-fusion Shabbat dinner. 

Then, we had our usual after-dinner activities, including Shabbat Shira (singing), the oneg, and rikkud, with which we ended another magical Friday night!

The next morning, we woke up to our special Saturday breakfast including cereal and donuts, and to activities like a trail run along the creek and karaoke. Then, it was time for the Bogrimot to run activities for the rest of camp and practice their leadership skills. Our chanichimot love these activities, as they are led by their peers and friends! 

Soon after we had our usual Israeli lunch, consisting of pita, falafel, hummus, and Israeli salad, the kids hung out with our kvutzot. Throughout the rest of the day we had a large variety of fun filled activities. From 

Madatz Peula, where the CITs plan activities for their kids, to Free Swim and Sport of the Week, during which chanichimot can choose to cool off in the pool or get their energy out on the kikar (sports field). Then chanichimot have a chance to show off their musical talent at Musical, performing songs with their friends for all of machaneh

In the evening we said goodbye to Shabbat with Kumzitz (singing together) and Havdallah, followed by Medurah, a time when kids get to perform acts and skits for the rest of camp. Due to a sudden rain shower we had to move inside, but that didn’t stop the fun or the magic of Shabbat!

Until next time!