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Created: July 02, 2023 | by Camp Galil
Shabbat @ Galil

Shabbat Shalom Galil Community!

Today was a fun and restful day at machane. Everyone got some donuts at the roll-in breakfast this morning, and after some free time, went to bogrim chuggim. There, they got to hang out while doing various activities like playing basketball and writing letters to their friends and family at home. The madirchimot and madatz then ran chuggim ritzinim for everyone, where kids either participated in discussions around more serious topics or worked to finish preparations for the medurah bonfire. 

By the time chuggim ritzinim ended, it was time for lunch. Instead of falafel we all had some delicious sandwiches. Each kvutzah had the weekly Saturday lunch picnic around machane before getting ready for zman maddatz. 

This week’s zman madatz was a combination of a scavenger hunt and capture the flag. The whole camp was split into various teams and dressed in their assigned colors. The chanichimot got really excited and ran around the whole campus in hopes of winning the game.

After zman madatz, we moved on to zman kvutzah. This week was a little different for zman kvutzah. Tomorrow is the big camping trip of the session, Tiyul. This year we are getting ready for the trip a bit differently.  Instead of everyone just learning how to pitch a tent and cook the food all together upon arrival, the kids were broken up into groups and each learned a specific skill or made games for the hikes before even packing their bags. We then had some down time and sports. While some chose to hang out in the tzrifim, others played soccer or went to free swim.

After showering off, everyone made their way to the Mini Mo for Musical. Today the Bogrimot and Nemerimot got their “AmBo Buddies” or “NemeBo Buddies” today. These are pairings or trios with Bogrimot and the youngest kids. The Bogrimot help introduce and welcome the youngest kids into the camp community through doing small activities with them and being their friends. After hanging out with their buddies earlier in the day, some of the groups decided to do some Musical acts together. So this week, with performances from all ages, some of the new groups performed together as well. Musical wrapped up with mazkirut’s performance for the week. 

We then went to dinner and went back to the tzrifim to begin packing for Tiyul. After packing time, we gathered again at the Mini Mo for kumzits (singing time), and Havdalah. 

It was then time for the Medurah fire. Since there was no rain tonight, we were able to have it in the actual medurah pit, and the kids got to perform in front of the beautiful campfire. 

They then went to get ice cream in the Chadar and headed back to their tzrifim where the Borgrimot helped put them to bed. 

I hope you all had a nice and restful Shabbat!

*****Note from David: Due to the anticipated severe weather, we canceled the out-of-camp portion of the trip, and they’ll be camping on-site tonight. We expect to be able to board buses tomorrow for a hike!