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Created: June 25, 2022 | by Camp Galil
Shabbat Is Here!

Shabbat shalom from Galil! Today was the first Friday of the summer, and luckily the weather was absolutely beautiful. Shabbat is a special time at Galil filled with tradition and song that carries a special and unique energy. The day started with a breakfast of muffins, giving way to avodah (daily jobs) and an extended period of nikayon tzrif (cabin cleaning) to prepare for Shabbat. Every Friday the chanichimot (campers) compete for the golden broom, which is given to the cleanest tzrif (cabin) after a thorough inspection. After each tzrif was cleaned with the utmost precision, everyone headed to the minimo (library/meeting place) for Shabbat Shira (learning songs). During this time, Chanichimot learn new songs and compete to see who has the most ruach (spirit). One by one, they got called to get lunch, which is always pizza!

After lunch, the Bogrimot (post 9th graders) ran Hyde Park, a time where chanichimot are able to voice their suggestions of things that can be improved around machaneh (camp). This can be as simple as adding a new vegetable to the salad bar or adding/removing time from a certain activity.

While the entire day was exciting, the real Shabbas magic happened during the second half of the day. Chanichimot had some time for free swim, and then the rest of the afternoon was spent showering and putting on nice clothes in preparation for the setting sun. Finally, it was time for mishpachot (family time). Groups of Chanichimot met in “families” to reflect on their week and share what they are looking forward to for the coming week. Then, everyone gathered to watch Kabbalat Shabbat, a performance of songs and an Israeli dance selected by the kvutzah (age group) that performs them. This week, it was the Bogrimot (post 9th graders).

After some more special Shabbat songs, it was time for dinner! Shabbat dinner is always extra special. This week, our Tzevet Mitbach (kitchen staff) prepared jerk chicken, roasted cauliflower, carrots, and the Jewish favorite, matzah ball soup. After dinner was the Galil favorite, rikkud (Israeli dancing), which lasted late into the night. Tomorrow is a day full of rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. No photos will be taken tomorrow because of Shabbat, but check back in the evening for the blog!

See you later!