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Created: July 02, 2022 | by Camp Galil
Shabbat Recharge

Hey Galil! Today was an amazing and restful Shabbat. We started as usual with a sleep-in and the classic donut and cereal breakfast. Then, it was time for Bogrim chugim, a time where the bogrimot (post 9th graders) run fun interest groups for the rest of machaneh (camp)! Today’s bogrim chugim consisted of yoga, arts and crafts, gaga, and even a sketch comedy workshop! Next, we had chugim ritzanim, or serious chugim. This is a more serious time where madrichimot (counselors) run discussions about issues or topics pertaining to social justice or politics. I helped run a discussion about corporate influence on American politics, and I was really impressed at the chanichimot‘s maturity and thoughtfulness in discussing such an important topic.

Next was lunch and some chofesh (free time) before zman kvutzah (age group time). This is a time for kvutzot to have semi-structured bonding time or a light activity designed to nurture trust and relationships. Some kvutzot went down to the creek, while others swam in the pool and did bonding activities. At Galil, we stress this idea of kvutzah, pushing our chanichimot to not just get along, but build an deep relationships based on trust and collective support.

After zman kvutzah, we had some free swim to cool off on a hot day! A lot of kids came which made for a fun time hanging out on the pool deck. We had some time to dry off and change before musicale, our weekly open mic in the late afternoon grass. There so many awesome acts from our talented chanichimot! Then, it was time for dinner, which was a Galil favorite: burrito bar.

Dinner gave way to havdallah, a beautiful and reflective time where we lay down and gaze at the first appearing stars before welcoming in the new week. All throughout this time, medurah, our giant bonfire, was getting set up. It was a great time for all, and we even got to enjoy some glidah (ice cream) before bed!

Before I conclude, I have a special announcement: tomorrow and Monday we are going in tiyul, which is our yearly camping trip! There won’t be a blog post until Monday night, but I’m so excited to go out and enjoy nature for a few days. See you then!