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Created: June 24, 2023 | by Camp Galil
Shabbat Shalom!

Shabbat Shalom Galil families! 

Today was full of many fun activities to bring in the Shabbat spirit. The morning consisted of the newest ivrit shimushit skit, where the chanichimot learned the word לשמור (lishmor) which means to keep/guard. Afterward they went to breakfast where we all had the traditional Friday muffins (and eggs). 

Part of the Friday is a longer avodah block, where each work group took extra time to make sure the space we are in is functioning and extra beautiful to bring in the weekend. With the same idea, the chanichimot worked for an extra special nikayon tzrif (cleaning the cabin time) where they competed to have the cleanest tzrif in hopes of winning the iconic golden broom. 

They finished tucking in their bedding and sweeping and moved on to the peula for that day, where the madatz sat in to start learning how to run peulot for the kids in the future. They covered topics like why Galil is a Jewish space and gender identity. 

After the peulot, they moved on to Shabbat Shirah, where they competed again to show who had the most spirit and enthusiasm when learning songs. This led into each kvutzah getting called for delicious pizzas. They had a variety of flavor options including my personal favorite of arugula, onion, mushroom and ricotta cheese. They then had an extended chofesh (free time) with the options for the sport of the day (ultimate frisbee) and free swim. They also took time to put on their shabbat clothes and get ready for mishpachot (families) time.

Mishpachot are a time during the week where everyone is put in a group with all different ages and get to have a check-in and learn about the Torah portion of the week. Following mishpachot is the kabalat shabbat performance, where each week a different kvutzah will perform an english song, hebrew song, and a dance for the machane. This week the bogrimot dazzled everyone with their performance just before some more camp-wide shirah (singing time) and the rosh story (a short speech/ story given by the head of camp either related to the Torah portion of the week or related to the machane community). 

We then went to the Chadar (dining hall) for a shabbat dinner including challah made by the madatz and a beautiful meal made by tzevet mitbach (the kitchen staff). The chanichimot then went to the Oneg (skit written to summarize what went on during the week) which was written by the madatz this week.

Finally they went to the Moadon for one of my favorite parts of Shabbat at machane, Rikkud (Israeli dancing)! Many returning chanichimot joined in the familiar dances while newer chanichimot started to learn along the way.

To wrap up the long day, the techni, Lily Larma, announced the winner of the golden broom challenge, and to my excitement, the Bogrimot won!

I hope you all have an amazing Shabbat and restful weekend.