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Created: July 01, 2023 | by Camp Galil
Shabbat Shalom!

Shabbat Shalom!

I hope you all have had a good week as we all prepare to bring in Shabbat. Today everyone woke up and made their way to the toran as usual before heading to breakfast. After breakfast , we all spent some time cleaning up any trash on the ground at machaneh. It was then time for the classic friday breakfast, muffins. This week the bogrimot made the muffins the night before, and got to share them with the rest on machane. We then went into extended avodah, where everyone spent some extra time cleaning and working on making machane and more beautiful space. 

It was then time for the special nikayon tzrif, where everyone worked to compete for the golden broom. Again, just like last friday, the kids frantically worked to clean their tzrifim and shetachs (living spaces) in hopes of winning the infamous broom. 

They then met up with their madatz, who planned a special peula for each kvutzah. While the chanichimot learned more about social justice, judaism, and other topics to enrich their experiences at camp, the madatz had the opportunity to practice planning and running peulot. Since the bogrimot don’t have madatz, they went down to the creek and had an activity where they learned about mikvehs. 

Afterward, everyone made their way to the Mini Mo for Shaabat Shirah, where everyone sang to the top of their lungs. We learned one of the classic camp song where we add a line every year or so. We introduced this year’s line to everyone’s delight, before going to get lice checked and going to lunch. 

The kids then participated in Hyde Park, the weekly time where they make suggestions about how to improve machane.

We all had some down time, where there was an option to either play ultimate frisbee or free swim. They got to hang out before washing up and starting to get ready for shabbat. 

Everyone then went to their mishpachah, and shared their rose, bud, thorn and gardener. From there we all walked around in a procession before lowering the flags for hitkansut erev. The Nemerimot led the entire machane to the Mini Mo for their Kabalat Shabbat performance. They sang “Tel Aviv” and “Hey There Delilah” and performed an Israeli dance as well. Afterward, Julia told the rosh story for the week and we then circled up for some Kabalat Shabat Shirah before heading to dinner. The Nemerimot led everyone in the prayers as we all sat down to eat. 

Following dinner we had some more Shirah then went to the Oneg for the week, this one written and performed by the bonimot. After their show, everyone walked together to the Moadon for some rikkud and for the golden broom winner to be announced. This week the Palace won the golden broom!

Shabbat Shalom!