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Created: July 24, 2022 | by Camp Galil
Shabbat Shalom!

Shabbat shalom Galil families! Today, we had a lazy morning. Chanichimot (campers) woke up to a sweet breakfast of donuts and cereal (a Galil tradition), and those who wanted to sleep in were given a late wake up call before meeting up in the moadon (great hall) for rejuvenation. We have had Shabbat rejuvenation in past summers, and this session, we decided to bring it back. This morning, last session’s Communications Specialist, Jonah, ran a guided meditation for all of the chanichimot so that they could reflect on the week that we have had and to let go of the stress and hardships that they might have been holding on to.

Then, it was time for Bogrimot chuggim, a time where the bogrimot (graduates)—our oldest chanichimot—run fun interest groups for the rest of machaneh (camp). After the chill bogrimot chuggim, we had chugim ritzinim, or serious chuggim. This is a more serious time where madrichimot (counselors) run peulot (activities) about issues or topics pertaining to social justice or politics. This week, madrichimot ran a discussion about the effect that Capitalism has on young American’s developments, and it was impressive to see the chanichimot‘s maturity and ability to grapple with such difficult topics.

After the introspective chuggim ritzinim, chanichimot split back up with their kvutzot (age groups) for an Israeli style lunch. As usual on Saturdays, they ate pita filled with hummus, falafel, and Israeli salad. One of the most refreshing times of the week comes during Shabbat lunches. The feeling of sitting outside with your kvutzah in the warm rays of the Sun with a gentle breeze is something that chanichimot will remember for ever.

Fresh off of chofesh (free time), the chanichimot had to cool off on a hot day by making a splash in the brecha (pool)! Not only were they in the pool, but there were water activities all over machaneh. The Madatz (C.I.T.s) ran many different activities for all of machaneh so that people could safely have fun in the heat. They had water fights, pool games, and even a dunk tank! Feeling refreshed, the chanichimot had some time to dry off and change before musicale, our weekly open mic in the late afternoon grass. With all of the incredible acts over, it was time for dinner, which was a Galil favorite: burrito bar.

Feeling full from the burritos, everyone moved from the chadar ochel (dining hall) to the kikar (field) for Havdallah. This time is used for machaneh to let go of the past week and welcome in the new. After singing the prayers for the end of the week in a spiral circle, we transitioned into medurah (bonefire). Chanichimot had a chance to put on different acts that they came up with throughout the week. The bogrimot have a weekly comedy act called Froggy and Gnu which, fun fact, is how Seth Rogan got his start doing the same act at one of Habonim Dror North America’s camps in Canada. Finally, everyone made the trek from the medurah pit back to the chadar ochel for glida (ice cream) before getting a good nights rest in preparation for the new week.