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Created: August 13, 2022 | by Camp Galil
Smells Like Shabbas Up in Here!

Hey Galil families, we are sad to report, but today was our final Friday at machaneh (camp) before sendiing the chanichimot (campers) home. The energy in the air was certainly a bit reflective today, as everyone cherished their time while also getting ready to say goodbye to many of their friends and the place they all love. Yet, life goes on. We started the day with hitkansut boker (morning flag raising) followed by a mountain of muffins for breakfast. Then, we had extended periods of avodah (work) and nickayon tzrif (cabin cleaning). Everyone cleaned extra hard, as they were all competing for their final Golden Broom! After everyone’s tzrifim were sparkling, it was time for Madatz peulah (CITs activity), a time where the Madatz run activities for their kids. The shorashimot (roots)—our second youngest chanichimot—for example, played different games while trying to avoid being doused with water by their madrichimot (counselors). It was very funny to see them trying to make layups while playing basketball and keeping an eye out for the adults.

Once everyone dried off, we headed to Shabbat shira (singing), the classic time at Galil when we learn songs and compete as kvutzot (age groups) to see who has the most ruach (energy)! The bogrimot (graduates)—our oldest chanichimot—sang with the most passion and got called first to get a lunch of pizza! Next, we had some chofesh before mischack hashavua (sport of the week). This week, we played Ultimate Frisbee, and in line with Galil tradition, it was madrichimot vs chanichimot. It was lots of fun to see the madrichimot be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the chanichimot. After people cleaned up for Shabbat, the first thing we did was michpachot (family time), where we reflected on the week and shared what we were looking forward to. Then, everyone gathered together again into their kvutzot for a blessing and to sing some songs.

Kabbalat Shabbat (welcoming in Shabbat) followed, which was a performance of a song in Hebrew, an Israeli dance, and finally a song in English. This week the madatz put on the show, and it was lovely to see them together one last time as a kvutzah. They even created their own dance to be remembered by! After the long day, it was finally dinner time. After blessing the wine and challah, we had four course meal starting with salad and soup. The second course was salmon with perfectly prepared noodles. The third course was a juicy brisket. To finish the meal was a mouth watering sponge cake. Following the banquet was rikkud, our Israeli dancing which is one of the most anticipated times of the week. Those who stayed until the end got to enjoy some watermelon! We’re all going to need our sleep tonight, as tomorrow is the last night of the summer.

See you tomorrow, Amos