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Created: July 02, 2022 | by Camp Galil
Smells Like Shabbas Up In Here!

Good evening Galil families! After our first full week, we finally arrived at our second Shabbat. We started the day as we always do, with hitkansut boker (morning flag raising), and our Friday muffin feast. After extended avodah (daily jobs) and nikayon tzrif (cabin cleaning) it was time for the weekly madatz peulah, where the madatz (CITs) run activities and discussions for their kids. I sat in on the amelimot (post 3rd and 4th graders) who talked about the different aspects of their identity and made bowls of chocolate puddings with toppings that corresponded to each aspect!

Next, it was time for shabbat shira (pre-lunch singing competition) followed by Friday pizza! Today we learned two workers’ union songs as well as a Habonim Dror chant. In the afternoon, there was some chofesh (free time) before we celebrated Shabbat with mishpachot (“family” time), sang some songs, and had a delicious dinner of chicken pot pie, matzo ball soup, and mashed potatoes. After dinner was one of the most anticipated times of the week: rikkud! This is a time when we learn and do Israeli dances until late into the night. Those who are extra passionate have the option to stay up until midnight where they are served watermelon as a special treat.

We paused rikkud for a little bit to crown the winner of the golden broom, Galil’s most prestigious award for the week’s cleanest cabin. This week the amelot (post 3rd and 4th grade girls) took home the prize! After the golden broom, it was time for another essential Galil tradition: Madatz calls. Each year the Madatz (CITs) create a chant/routine and perform it in front of the whole machaneh (camp). It starts with the current Madatz and is followed by the remaining Madatz from the previous year. Madatz calls are a great way for the tzevet (staff) to relive their days as Madatz and is a little dose of Galil history. It was a Shabbat filled with song and joy, and I am definitely looking forward to a relaxing Saturday! See you tomorrow!