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Created: July 27, 2023 | by Camp Galil
Soccer, Birds v Eggs

Hello Galil family!

We started off the day with Ivrit shimushit as per usual. Today we learned the Hebrew word Hamtza’ah which means invention in English. Ivrit Shimushit is a creative skit that tzevet (counselors) perform in the morning to get the kids engaged and ready to learn! This session’s theme is based on the movie “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” but instead we call it, “Cloudy with a CHance of Falafel”! It’s a silly yet creative way to get the chanichimot (kids) minds turning and yearning for more Hebrew each morning! For breakfast we had scrumptious blueberry and cinnamon sugar scones! This is one of the kids’ personal favorites. 

Next, the Amelimot went on ropes!! They bravely climbed the giant ladder and conquered their fears. Just because they are the youngest at camp does not mean that they are any less capable! Unfortunately a sudden rainstorm came and we had to stop ropes but the kids left ropes with a smile on their face and a new sense of accomplishment! 

For lunch we had yummy perogies and sour cream! We then had an EPIC camp wide soccer game! The tzevet and kids played on the same team and bonded over the great game of soccer. Pass, shoot, goal!! What an epic game it was!

    For dinner we had chicken nuggets because our tochnit erev was “Birds Vs. Eggs”! Okie tzevet became birds and it was our job to make them humans again! The kids took part in a series of games and challenges, including chasing tzevet who were pretending to be worms and fishing for gummy worms in bowls of pudding! We then met in the chadar (dining hall) and finally found the bird tzevet!!! We had cookies for dessert and had a restful night sleep in preparation for the kuppah trip tomorrow!