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Created: February 19, 2020 | by Camp Galil
Guy Brenkel

Coming to us from Israel’s mixed city of Akko, Guy Brenkel is with Camp Galil as a Shaliach, an Israeli emissary working with the Jewish Agency for Israel and Habonim Dror Olami. Most recently,Guy’s role in Habonim Dror’s partner movement, Dror Yisrael, was to run the mechinah, a convocational gap year program for Israelis looking to learn a new skill or trade before joining the army. Prior to that,Guy’s history as an educator brings a really exciting perspective to Galil. His past roles included helping fast food workers in Israel organize for labor rights, teaching reproductive health to 7-12th graders, and navigating the deeply complex needs of Israel’s incredibly diverse population.

In recognizing the important role that a youth movement has in shaping the identity and future of its chanichimot, as well as the Jewish future, Guy hopes to bring his expertise to the Habonim Dror Camp Galil community and to highlight the unique opportunities and experiences it provides to Jewish American youth today.

Guy will be working with the Galil Eizor, and the kenim in Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York. He is looking forward to his first summer at machaneh (camp). With questions about our year round program or bringing some Camp Galil magic to your Jewish organization, Guy can be reached at shaliach@campgalil.org and at 267-254-0768.