Camp Galil Summer 2019

Thursday, June 27, 2019

An Above-Par Kupa Trip That Knocked It Out of the Park!

Hi Everyone!


Gali the sheep here back from an unbelievable day with my Camp Galil friends! Honestly, I have never dreamed that a day this fun was even possible. I'll tell you how it all went down... 


We spilled the tea last night that kupa trip was happening today, but still left our destinations a mystery. Everyone was told to pack hats, water bottles, and sunscreen, then report early to breakfast. I was invited to spend the morning with the younger chanichimot (campers) and couldn't be more excited. They're so fun! 


We arrived at Mad Golf, a local putt-putt establishment, around 9:45AM. Before we knew it we were swinging and putting all over the place. Each hole had its own fun challenge like getting the ball through a loop de loop, or hitting with enough force to make it over a small mound. I don't want to brag, but I totally got my first ever hole in ONE! Everyone did a really awesome job cheering one another on and taking turns at each hole. And just as we wrapped the back nine, we realized that the tzevet (staff) had arranged for each of us to get an ice cream cup or popsicle. I didn't think things could get better but after we got back on the bus, they totally did. 


Phillies & Mini Golf


Around 12:30PM we arrived at Philadelphia's Citizens Bank Park to watch the Philadelphia Phillies take on the New York Mets. Sandwich bags in-hand, we took our seats just above home plate. Though we were a little too high up to catch a foul ball, we had a perfect view of the field and could see everything perfectly. We sang Take Me Out to the Ball Game at the top of our lungs! We gave each other SO many high fives when Bryce Harper hit a solo home run. We danced so enthusiastically that we even made it on to the jumbotron...TWICE! We also got to eat a ton of popcorn. What a day! 

Final Score:

Mets 3, Phillies 6.


After the game, the older chanichimot headed to Mad Golf and the rest of us headed back to machaneh (camp). We ate some awesome stir fry for dinner and are having a low key evening to relax after such a wondrous day! 


Until tomorrow, 

Gali the Sheep


P.S. What happens when a Jewish sheep turns 13? They have a Baaaaaaat mitzvah! 


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