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Sunday, June 30, 2019

And Then We Rested: Making the Most of Shabbat

Happy Sunday Everybody! 


Gali the sheep here-- making the most of my Sunday! I'd love to share a bit with you about how we celebrate Shabbat at machaneh (camp) so you can get a sense of what we've been up to since we last checked in on Friday afternoon.


Friday (after Hyde Park):

Once everyone gets cleaned up and dressed up, we meet with our assigned mishpacha (camp family).  Mishpachot put together siblings, cousins, close family friends, and also people who have something in common. This gives another opportunity for our chanichimot (campers) to interact with those in different schavot (age groups), and with new members of tzevet (staff) who they don't know yet! The time the mishpachot spend together invites everyone to reflect on what they liked, what they look forward to in the week ahead, and acknowledging someone who helped them out since arriving to machaneh. 


The rest of our Friday schedule helps us welcome shabbat with joyous singing, dancing, and clapping at every turn. We enjoyed a musical performance from our Bogrimot (post-9th grade campers). Our Madatz (counselors-in-training) wrote a short satirical play loosely based off of Disney's Moana. We rocked TWO shira (song) sessions before AND after dinner. We even ended the night with hours of Rikkudei Am (Israeli folk dancing) until the big dipper appeared in the sky. 




On Saturdays we sloooow down. A roll-in breakfast allows our younger chanichimot to wake up early for breakfast and our older chanichimot to sleep for an extra hour (or two) if need be. Unplugged activities are run at different points throughout the day by our Tzevet, Madatz, and Bogrimot. Our chanichimot show off their musical talents with singing and/or instruments at Musicale, and then gather together for kumsits (classic campfire songs). 


We close shabbat each week with a beautiful Havdalah ceremony. The chanichimot hold hands and walk into a giant spiral before lying down on the grass and listening to the impressive vocal stylings of madrichimot (counselors) Ella & Adam along with Melavah (Camper Care Coordinator), Jenna. Each chanichol searches the sky for the first three visible stars, indicating shabbat has ended. We sing the traditional Havdalah blessings to invigorate the senses and welcome the week ahead with jubilant energy. We then head down to the weekly medurah (bonfire), where our chanichimot perform a series of comedy sketches that they've written. Some of the sketches at the medurah have been performed for decades, passed down from one shicvah to the next at the end of each summer. 


Once the fire dies down, we head to the chadar ochel (dining hall) for some delicious glida (ice cream) before the Bogrimot help out with bedtime. What a day! 


After Thursday's kupa trip and a special shabbat schedule on Friday and Saturday, we're grateful to be back to the rhythm of a regular day with a regular schedule. We're so looking forward to all of the wonderful adventures that this week has in store! 



Gali the Sheep


Ps. Check out our meals for the day

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Bagels & schmear Vegetarian burrito bar Dumplings with chicken/tofu


Pps. What kind of car does a sheep like to drive? A Lamborghini


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