Camp Galil Summer 2019

Monday, June 24, 2019


Shalom Family & Friends, 


It's the first full day at beautiful Galil and we still can't believe that everyone is finally here! Before bed last night we had all of our chanichimot (campers) pick their electives for the next couple of weeks including their sports, chugim (specialties), and avodah (daily jobs). What we love about this process is that allowing everyone to choose their activities supports our core philosophy of youth empowerment and autonomy. Below you will find the elective options we are offering this session! 


Sports Chugim (Specialties) Avodah (Daily Jobs) 

Ultimate Frisbee








Tiny Desk Art

Nature Skills

World Cultures


Big Facts, No Lie

Adventures of Zeitan

Serious Jam Sessions


Toranut Bokera (Kitchen Duty)

Medurah (Bonfire Building)

Briut (Bathroom Cleaning)

Ashpa (Garbage Pickup)

Brecha (Pool Cleaning)

Gan (Garden & Sheep)

Beit Omanut (Art Room Cleaning)



Our rich history dates back to early kibbutz movement at the start of the 20th century when young chalutzim (pioneers) laid the foundation for the State of Israel. This pioneering model translates to some key elements of cooperative living highlighted in our daily activities at machaneh. One of those key activities, as previously mentioned, is Avodah. Instead of hiring a maintenance team to keep machaneh clean and running, we rely on one another to do just that! Whether you are our youngest chanichol (camper) or our most senior tzevet (staff) member, we're all expected to do our part, and even have fun while we do it! This establishes a deep sense of personal accountability and collective responsibility for our beloved community and we wouldn't have it any other way. Since the sheep live next to our gan, I was able to snap a few photos of the chanichimot tending to our vegetables this session. Soon everything will be ready to eat! Yum! 


Chalutzim in the Gan


Speaking of eating... here's a snapshot of today's delicious meals! 


Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Scrambled eggs & Texas toast Tofu stir-fry & egg rolls  Mac & cheese with roasted cauliflower

Gali the Sheep




Until Tomorrow,

Gali the Sheep 


Ps. What do business sheep read everyday? The Wool Street Journal! 

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