Camp Galil Summer 2019

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Dude! You must chill!

Hey Everyone!


Gali the sheep here, back with the tales of another wonderful day at Machaneh (Camp) Galil! As our friends in the nearby northeast can tell you, the temperature is really starting to warm up around here! It's summer-- what do you expect!? And since sheep live outside, I don't mind so much, but for the chanichimot (campers) we're focusing on two major actions to keep everyone at Galil as cool as possible. 


Action 1: Stay hydrated 

On days like this, every chanichol (camper) is instructed to keep a water bottle with them at all times. Years ago, we had a Rosh Machaneh (camp director) who convinced everyone that hydration is actually the sixth educational pillar of Habonim Dror North America. And you know what? We do take hydration as seriously as we do our programming about social justice. We even like to think that they go hand-in-hand


Action 2: Splash around

We encourage our chanichimot (campers) to keep cool during their regular activities throughout the day: move to shady spots, sit on grass and not concrete, etc. Our Tzevet Sayarimot (staff for the post-6th graders) took this opportunity to do some team building down by the creek. Our Sayarimot hiked along the water, skipped rocks, and some even took a dip into the the deeper water. I felt so grateful that they invited me to come along and chill out with them! It was so nice and beautiful! 



Just a heads up, we've got a (secret) special trip planned for tomorrow, so I won't publish the blog until we return from our adventure in the evening. Shoutout to our Rakazol Techni (operations director) Erica, who really knocked the planning out of the park. 


And if today's not awesome enough, we've got a delish dinner to look forward to as well! 


Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Waffles & syrup

Chicken nuggets & french fries

Roasted broccoli & cauliflower 


Side veggies



Gali the Sheep 


Ps. What do you call a dancing sheep? A baaaaah-lerina! 

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