Camp Galil Summer 2019

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Experiential Education (aka Superheroes in Training)

Hey everyone, Gali here!


One of things that makes Camp Galil special is our approach to leadership training and experiential education. Of course there are learning opportunities in every part of every day (as we've mentioned in our previous posts) through teaching rituals and traditions through the songs we sing or the way we give back to our community. But wait! There's more! Twice a day, our madrichimot (counselors) design and facilitate peulot (experiential activities) for each shicvah (age group) that follow a curriculum built by our merakez chinuch (director of education). 


As we continue to settle in to the start of machaneh (camp), our first peulot tend to focus on the power of each group and the relationships that lie within. Today, our Bogrimot (post 9th grade) invited me to learn with them and it was AWESOME! 


They played a few games together involving a point system, secret hand raising, and dum dum bogrimotlollipops. YUM! This that taught them (and me) a lot about how our actions impact our friends. After the candy had been given out, everyone was broken up into teams and asked to write and perform a short skit about how important it is to be a great role model for all of our chanichimot (campers). It makes sense too-- as our Bogrimot are our oldest chanichimot, the younger kids definitely look up to them a lot. If the Bogrimot sing really loudly during shira (song session), it will hopefully inspire other to do the same. If the Bogrimot get really jazzed about participating in the tochnit erev (evening activity), it will let our chanichimot know that the stamp of coolness has been given and that THEY should get really jazzed about it too. 


During the Bogrimot summer, chanichimot are given real responsibilities at machaneh too. They run a weekly program block each shabbat, they practice putting chanichimot to bed every Saturday night, AND twice a summer they even organize a mini coup where they take over camp programming for a night! How cool! I was not surprised to learn that these chanichimot don't shy away from taking leadership roles in their schools and home communities-- they get some GREAT practice here! Wow this place is really special! 


Speaking of special, listed to what we're eating today! 

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Pancakes (GF & DF options available)

Ravioli (GF & DF options available)
Garlic bread

Steamed broccoli 

Beef stew (& veg alternative)


Sautéed peppers & onions 


I really love it here! 



Gali the Sheep


Ps. Why don't sheep remember anything you tell them? Because everything goes in one ear and out the utter. 


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