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Friday, June 28, 2019

Hyde Park & Shabbat Preparation

Hi Everyone! 


Gali the sheep here-- well rested and reporting for duty! It feels like yesterday was all a dream, but then I remember the jumbotron and the ice cream and feel myself smiling from ear to ear. Anyway! It's Friday now and the preparations for shabbat are in the air. Literally. The mitbach (kitchen) smelled of rising yeast as our Madatz (counselors-in-training) braided loaves of challah for dinner tonight. One of our Madatz Madrichimot (counselors for the Madatz), Paul, even shared his mother's challah recipe with us! 


Our Friday schedule looks a little different than the rest of the week-- a longer avodah (work groups) block, longer nikayon tzrif (cabin cleaning), a special peulah (activity) run by the Madatz, and an extended shira (song-teaching) block to learn the different songs we sing for shabbat! We even turn shira into a bit of a game to change the stakes: the shicvah (age group) that sings with the most ruach (spirit) gets to eat pizza for lunch first! All we're saying is that there may or may not have been a spontaneous horah that broke out today. And if you're wondering what the most popular condiment for pizza is's ranch dressing. 


From lunch we launch into a weekly tradition called "Hyde Park" based on the London, England location which has served as beacon of free speech and debate since the late 19th century. Our take on Hyde Park provides an opportunity for our chanichimot (campers) to share their gratitudes and gripes about what's happening at machaneh (camp). Each chanichol struts up to a painted tire, stomps on it, and then walks up to a large rock to make a declaration. The declaration (aka constructive feedback) ranges from adding guacamole to every meal to including baseball as a daily sport. As each piece of feedback is delivered, a member of our mazkirut (leadership team) writes everything down and sees what changes they can make in the week to come. 




This tradition stresses the sense of autonomy and empowerment that our chanichimot feel at machaneh. Our hope for our chanichimot is that through their time with us, they learn the power of their own voices and how to be agents of change in their schools and home communities. 


We enter shabbat with our hearts full of energy from the week past and heads bursting with ideas for the week ahead. 


Just a reminder that we don't post the blog or photos on Shabbat, but will be back with gusto on Sunday!


Shabbat shalom!

Gali the Sheep


Ps. Thanks to facebook contributor Lonny Moses, Galil alum from Kvutzah 55, for sharing this sheep joke: What do Jewish sheep say on Saturdays? Shabaaaaaat Shalom! 


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