Camp Galil Summer 2019

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Opening Day: Welcome to Camp Galil!

Dear Friends & Family, 


IMG_3061After a year of planning and wishing and building and dreaming, the first day of Camp Galil Summer 2019 finally arrived! We woke up to a cloudless sky, chirping birds, and of course baaaaaa-ing sheep. We could not ask for a more beautiful day for our beloved chanichimot (campers) to finally arrive and our adventures to begin! 


The traditional way we kick off each summer together is with our very first meal: grilled cheese and tomato soup! Our madrichimot (counselors) file into the chadar ochel (dining hall) and start singing our pre-meal chant:


Ya la la la la la la

Ani V'at

At v'ani

Chaverim b'dror habonim

Oy ma tov uma nayim 

b'chevrat, chevrat dror habonim

Ya la la la la la 

Me and you

You and me 

Friends in Habonim Dror

Oh what's good and what's nice

With my friends in Habonim Dror


IMG_3055Once the ruach (energy) is sufficiently built up with EVERYBODY singing, clapping, and stomping along, our chanichimot enter the chadar ochel and the meal begins! And like clockwork, once we've filled out stomachs-- the post-meal shira (song session) shifts into gear. The entire machaneh stands up on benches and takes turns starting our songs and cheers. Some of the songs we sing have been a part of our repertoire for decades, and others have been introduced by our chanichimot in the past couple of summers. Our songs make up a big part of our collective memory; they tell our stories from summer to summer and generation to generation. AND when everyone at machaneh stands and sings and stomps and claps together, it's pretty darn magical sight to be seen. 




The rest of our afternoon will be spent playing oriented. This includes ice breakers and get-to-know-you games with each shicvah (age group) followed by rotations around all of the different places at machaneh like the gan (garden), ropes course, beit omanut (arts & crafts room), mitbach (kitchen), brecha (pool), and mirpa'ah (infirmary). We'll then join at the toren (flag pole) for hitkansuit erev (flag lowering ceremony) where we're do a roll call and then head to dinner and enjoy some chicken or tofu fajitas. 


Later, the tzevet will entertain the chaichimot with short skits introducing this sessions electives before everyone heads to bed and dreams about the all that this summer holds in store. 


Welcome to summer, Machaneh Galil! We're happy you're here. 


Until tomorrow, 

Gali the Sheep 







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