Camp Galil Summer 2019

Friday, June 21, 2019

Summer 2019 Blog Preview

Tzohorayim Tovim (Good Afternoon) Friends & Families! 

Gali the Sheep

My name is Gali the Sheep and I have the distinct privilege of sharing the tales of Camp Galil 2019 with all of you this summer! Sunday-Friday I graze around Galil taking in the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of everything this special place has to offer. Around 4PM I'll publish the stories of the day, including a spotlight on something particularly cool we do here. I will also try my best to let you know the meals each day because from what I can tell, we do "camp food" pretty darn well.


For the past week and a half our tzevet (staff) have been hard at work dreaming and building the seven weeks that lay ahead. Though most of our tzevet grew up at Galil, they've also welcomed some awesome new friends from far away lands like Mexico, Alabama, and Israel. In their down time I can hear them laughing and singing together. They also really seem to know how have important discussions about current events and social change. Our chanichimot (campers) are really lucky to have madrichimot (counselors) as cool and interesting as they are! 



Lastly, we are SO excited to welcome our Madatz (counselors-in-training, post-11th grade) later this afternoon! Many of them spent last summer in Israel with friends from Habonim Dror North America's MBI program and this summer they are going to go through our specialized leadership training program and learn how to be all-star madrichimot at Galil and in our community during the year. Wow! We really have so much to look forward to. We've definitely got the magic makings to have Galil's best summer in history! 


Shabbat shalom and we can't wait to see you on Sunday! 


Gali the Sheep



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