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Created: July 31, 2023 | by Camp Galil
Sunday Funday

Hello Galil friends! Today at camp we had an amazing day! The weather was beautiful, and the spirits were high. We kicked off our morning with a fake Revo at hitkansut, planned by the madatz. The kids always love “kicking out” their madrichimot for a day of fun, and were disappointed to see their counselors waiting for them when they got to breakfast. 

After breakfast we had sadnaot, where our specialists run activities for the chanichimot. Tzophimot and Bonimot discussed the butterfly effect, while the Amelimot made crafts in the Beit O. 

Later, we had a delicious ravioli lunch with many different sauce options! Then we had chuggim, where the Rangers learned how to build and light a fire with flint and steel. 

Next, it was time to prepare for Tiyul! We split into groups and learned different skills we would need for the next two days. One group learned how to build a fire, another learned how to prepare the meals we would be eating, a third learned how to build tents, and the last learned to plan a chevrati (group activity) for their peers. 

After an amazing beef stew dinner we started our Tochnit erev, “Neurodiversity Night.” Chanichimot had the opportunity to create a model representation of their brain using clay, paint, pipe cleaners, and various other art supplies. The other activities mirrored what neurodiverse children might experience in their day to day lives in fun and creative ways, and allowed the chanichimot to gain a new perspective on the subject. 

We ended the night with a yummy “everything but the kitchen sink” dessert, and went to bed excited for Tiyul the next day!

Talk to you later,