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Created: July 19, 2024 | by Camp Galil
Yom Tikkun Olam
Shalom Galil families! Thank you for your patience as we navigated a power outage earlier this week. We’re back and you can expect regular blogs again! To catch you up, machaneh lost power on Tuesday evening due to severe weather. Despite the thunder and the blackout, the Bogrimot still managed to run an epic Olympics-themed […]
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Created: July 14, 2024 | by Camp Galil
Shalom Galil families! In these exciting last couple of days, Machaneh Galil went on our first session tiyuul (camping trip)! Planned by our teva specialists Ethan and Lior as well as our techni Margot, all of camp took a couple days to connect with nature at the beautiful Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Center. After […]
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Created: July 10, 2024 | by Camp Galil
A Tuesday at Galil
Shalom Galil Families! Today was a quieter day at Machaneh Galil as kids enjoyed some more restful activities in the lull between Special Day on Sunday and our Tiyuul (camping trip) starting tomorrow. Chanichimot woke up, headed to the toren, enjoyed some scones at breakfast, and then got their avodah done. In communications sadna, the […]
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Created: July 09, 2024 | by Camp Galil
Galil goes Down Under
Shalom Galil Families! As the burning Ottsville sun rose over Machaneh Galil this morning, chanichimot shook off the post special day slump and dragged themselves to the toren. As always, they sang songs, raised the flags, and then sat for Ivrit Shimushit. At breakfast, campers and tzevet of a more carnivorous inclination were delighted to […]
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Created: July 08, 2024 | by Camp Galil
A Bear-y Special Day
Today was Yom Meyuchad (Special Day)! Each session, the tzevet (staff) plans a day with a theme and new activities that are different from our typical day! We woke up this morning for a delicious breakfast of waffles and ice cream with Goldilocks at the Three Bears’ house.  Then, each kvutza (age group) choreographed a […]
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