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Created: July 28, 2023 | by Camp Galil
Thursday at Galil

Hello Galil Family and Friends!

It was an especially hot day today at Camp Galil so all the kids had their water bottles practically glued to their bodies. We made sure each chanachol stayed hydrated during this hot day. We started the morning with ivrit shimushit like usual and learned the word nalaim which means shoes. For breakfast pancakes were served.

After breakfast puela took place. Today was a little different because it was also Tisha B’Av. The Amelimot learned their Kab Shab performance for Friday. Kab Shab is a performance that a different age group performes each Friday night. It consists of an Israeli dance and song and an English song. Stay tuned to read and hear all about their performance! The Sukarimot learned about bringing equality to society. The Bonimot learned about urban planning and how car dependent America is. The Bogrimot learned about Tisha B’av, how it we should observe or acknowledge the holiday, and what we can take away from the holiday’s themes without focusing solely on the Jewish people’s suffering. And lastly the Madatz learned about disagreement within the Jewish world and specifically about judicial reform. It’s been an education-filled day!

During chugim (clubs) we had super magnificent and creative activities today! For the art chug the chanichimot carved out potatoes to make stamps. It’s crazy how creative our minds are! People made hearts, smiley faces and abstract designs out of the potato run by our amazing beito (art) specialist Hannah Stanley. The kids loved being so creative! One of the slubs is building a bench for our goats here at machaneh. Today they put the final screw into the bench and then tomorrow they start building the legs for the structure! This activity is run by David Hess Dunlop who is our Gan specialist! An exhilarating game of frisbee took place during this time and the campers ranging from Amelimot to Bogrimot all engaged in this wonderful sport. 

Swimming took place during sports and that is a camp favorite all around! All the kids splash around with huge smiles on their faces! For dinner we had a ‘Cava’ like meal. Cava is a mediterranean restaurant and we based our meal after it. We had pita, sweet potatoes, cous-cous, cucumbers, chickpeas and brussels sprouts. We had an assortment of dressings that we drizzled on top to make the meal delicious!

For the tochnit erev we had a Cereal Killer night..ooooooo

Afterwards, campers and staff who fasted for Tisha B’av had their Break Fast.