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Created: August 11, 2023 | by Camp Galil
Tikun Olam and Aliyah Bet

Hello Galil community! Today was so full of fun that I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I’ll start with breakfast, where we played music and danced together before leaving for Tikun Olam. This year, we split into two groups. One went to “Evelyn & Daniel Tabas House”, and the other went to a community garden! At the “Tabas house”, we did some arts and crafts with the residents there and even did some of our rikkud dances for them! At the garden, we helped pull out the weeds so that the plants could flourish!

When we returned back to camp we had a yummy pierogi lunch, after which we continued with our normal schedule. Kvutzot had Pish Bet, zman sport, schiya chofshit, and before we knew it it was after dinner and time for the tochint erev. Tonight was a fun one, with kids needing to go around machaneh to different stations to complete fun challenges! 

Later in the night we had a really special second late night activity at Galil, Aliyah Bet! Chanichimot learned about the Central European aliyah in the late 19th century when woken up and instructed them that they needed to escape to Israel. The kids were led through the trails around machaneh, crossing the Mediterranean sea (the pool) and surviving passport checks before ending in Israel with a delicious treat! In addition, the whole night was planned and ran by the Bonimot (post 8th graders) which was a great bonding experience and a chance for them to experience running an activity for the rest of machaneh.