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Created: July 04, 2023 | by Camp Galil
Tiyul Part 2

With the Sun on our side, we started day 2 of Tiyul with new ruach/energy! Today we started the day with a delicious breakfast of bagels, hashbrowns and hard-boiled eggs. After breakfast, Chanichimot made trail mix to eat later on in the day. 

We then boarded the bus to the first stop of the day: Weaver Orchard. Once we arrived, we broke into our Kuvtzot (age groups) to pick a different types of berries. Overall, we had a huge haul of peaches, strawberries, blackberries, cherries, blueberries and raspberries. After our containers were overflowing with fruit we all came back together and shared our harvest. Many tzevet and Chanichimot (campers) remarked that these were some of the best juiciest fruits they’ve ever had! 

After the berries, we all boarded the bus to the second stop of the day: Green Lane Park. Once we arrived we were greeted with a BBQ platter courtesy of tzevet mitbach (kitchen staff)!

Once we all ate and played in a playground we headed on 2 hikes; one for the younger half of camp and one for the older. Each trail weaved through the woods with the older kid, one having a special look out onto a lake. After the hike, the exhaustion of the hard work hit and most Chanichimot slept all the way home!

We arrived back to camp in time for ratzach (shower time) before a pasta bar dinner. 

After dinner each group had a Erev Kuvtzah (night with their age group). Erev kuvtzah is a time for kuvtzot to do a fun special activity just for them. These activities can be either planned by the tzevet or sometimes even planned by the Chanichimot themselves! For example, the Tzophimot had a mock bar mitzvah with each chanichol getting a special character to play. After these activities chancihimot went to sleep to dream about what the next day at Galil will bring!