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Created: August 07, 2019 | by Camp Galil
Welcome Nitzanimot!

Hey Everyone! 

Gali the sheep here– a little bit soggy from the rain today. I don’t know about your coat, but mine takes a little bit longer to dry in this weather. 

We woke up this morning feeling so happy after yesterday’s REVOLUTION with the Madatz (counselors in training)! Together we went all the way to Neverland and back with Peter Pan & Wendy, fairies, lost boys, mermaids, crocodiles, and pirates! Today our Madatz took time to recoup from all of their awesome & hard work (check out tomorrow morning’s photos), but we hope to get a blog up soon to hear more about their Revo adventures! 

What else happened this morning? We enthusiastically welcomed the Nitzanimot to their first ever summer at Camp Galil!!! Nitzanimot are the 2nd and 3rd graders participating in Taste of Galil, the five-day/four-night/try-a-bit-of-everything Galil experience. From today until Sunday morning, they will be introduced the Machaneh Galil magic in incredibly fun and bite-sized pieces. 

Since arriving this morning, they have already mastered Ani V’at (the song that we sing before meals), done a silly scavenger hunt around machaneh, practiced what to do for their roll call at Hitkansut Erev (lowering the flag), eaten birthday cake, graffitied their names on the inside of the tzrifim, and started to watch the movie Mulan before having a toothbrush dance party and heading to bed. These totally jam-packed days will fill them with incredible memories to last through the year and into next summer! We know they are going to have a total blast! 

As the Nitzanimot program runs separately from most of machaneh, we will dedicate a separate section of the blog each day to tell you about what’s happening in their world! 

Stay tuned for more fun tomorrow!

Gali the Sheep 

Ps. How can you tell if a sheep does well in their gymnastics routine? It really nails the lambding.