Year-Round Program

The friendships we create at Camp Galil are for life. Join us at Fall and Spring Seminars at camp. Come bowling. Get community service credit. Celebrate the holidays. See your camp friends year round!


Ken literally means “nest” in Hebrew. We believe that the friendships we create at Camp Galil are not just for a summer or two, but for life and want to facilitate activities for our campers to stay connected throughout the year.

Please check the calendar or our home page for upcoming events — more will be added throughout the year!

This year’s Roshim (Head) of the Ken are Julia Robinson and David Dunlop. You can contact them at

You can also contact our Shaliach, Guy Brenkel, at 

Bonimot Tzedek

Bonimot Tzedek is a year-round program dedicated to the growth of high school students in the tri-state region. Through leadership development (hadracha), social justice education, and community organizing skill building, participants will become powerful leaders and change makers in their local and Jewish communities…


MBI (Machaneh Bonim Israel) is an Israel summer program for campers who have finished 10th grade. Run by Habonim Dror North America (HDNA), this program takes campers all over Israel alongside campers from the five other HDNA camps. MBI is a program that combines an exploration of Israel with creative educational programming and leadership training. The tochnit (program) is designed to provide a substantive Israel experience resulting in personal growth, the formation of a relationship to Israel, and the development of a national shichva (age group). The program is facilitated by NFTY Israel, and information is available here

For additional questions, please contact the Habonim Dror National Office at


Madatz (madrichimot tzirim) is our Leadership Training Program for campers finishing 11th grade. The madatz program offers our future counselors (madrichimot) an intense training program in leadership (hadracha) and a wonderful opportunity to experience living and working together as a group (kvutzah).

Cost: $3,425

Registration is available here