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Created: June 30, 2023 | by Camp Galil
Yom Meyuchad: The Renaissance

Hello Galil friends and family!

Today was Special Day! We were transported at kimah (wake up time) to the Renaissance era. Everyone showed up to breakfast with the king and queen dressed in their finest attire. We ate fresh crepes filled with berries and whipped cream, with potatoes on the side. Everyone left breakfast with full stomachs, and made their way to some rest time while the first activity was being set up. 

Soon everyone was called to the Moadon to break into groups and begin making inventions. They invented incredible machines like ways to talk to each other  from far distances faster than horse messengers (i.e. phones) or hot air balloons and so on. They presented their inventions to the royal court and got ready for the gold rush hunt. The kids ran around the field looking for gold coins to collect as taxes while being chased by tzevet and madatz.

They then went to a carnival, kids went around playing giant chess, eating cotton candy, making crowns, noodle-sword fighting, dressing up, and the best yet, the dunk tank. They all went around to the different stations, crafting and dueling, and trying their best to sink those on the dunk tank chopping block. 

The carnival ended with a skit kicking out the monarchy and introducing the second part of the theme Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We ate lunch in the chadar transformed into the Turtles underground lair. After Lunch chanichimot trained to join team Turtle  by testing their agility throughout a game of ninja, their zen with mediation station and more! Once trained we had a pool party to celebrate. 

After a quick delicious snack of chocolate pudding we broke off into 2 teams to decide who really is the best of the renaissances, Turtles or The Artist. The teams completed a shaving cream sponge flight and a mural off. After that Beyonce came in to unite the fighting factions, and declared that now united we must praise her greatness through music videos. Once complete The Queen herself, Beyonce, rewarded us with a beautiful banquet dinner and a celebratory post dinner messibia (party)!

That’s it for now!