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Created: July 10, 2023 | by Camp Galil
Yom Yisrael

Hello, Galil Community!

Today was a fun-packed rainy day at Galil. The day started off with Hitkansut Boker and Ivrit Shimushit. We learned the word “shuk,” which means market, in Hebrew. Then, we moseyed over to the chadar ochel for a yummy breakfast of shakshuka. After breakfast, we split into groups for avodah. Then, we cleaned the tzrifim. After nikayon tzrif, kids split into their kvutzot for sadnaot. The nemerimot made a nature documentary-style movie about life at Galil. Other kvutzot had fun doing crafting sketchbooks out of ceramic tiles. 

Following sadnaot, each kvutzah met with their madrichimot for their first peulah of the day! Nemerimot discussed how and why galil is structured like a kibutz. Sayarimot talked about the tensions that exist between democracy and Judaism in Israel. Then, we had a scrumptious lunch of chicken sandwiches with eggplant, some yummy sauces, and a salad bar. The bread for the sandwiches was freshly baked by our very own shaliach. 

Towards the end of lunch, we learned, through a silly skit, that today is mini Yom Israel! Spirits were high, despite the rain, as we headed into an Israeli supermarket-themed station activity. Kiddos “learned how to clean” on the slip and slide, hunted for chocolate milk in the mini-mo, and solved a puzzle embedded in ice in the frozen aisle. Then, they went to chuggim ritzinim, where they discussed socialism and capitalism in Israel, the histadrut (Israeli union organization), and the kibbutz movement. 

After chuggim ritzinim, kids ate mango for kibbutz and played a myriad of sports like balloon basketball and matkot (Israeli paddleball). Then, we had a carnival in the pavilion where we experienced beduin hospitality, yoga, and camel-themed shenanigans. After a quick chunk of shower-time, we learned the meanings behind some popular Hebrew songs that we sing at Galil. We went to dinner to dinner, which was bourekas, israeli salad, eggs, potatoes, and tchina, cauliflower, and tabouleh. After dinner, was chofesh and then a scavenger hunt around machaneh, which ended in a special treat (rugelach)! The kiddos went to bed after a long and silly day.

PS: Today was rookie day! We had a blast doing crafts with some new (and old) Galil families. We sang songs, planted basil, did tie-dye, and made a yummy sweet treat. Rookie Day is a great way to get to know Galil if you have kids who might be too little for nitzanim.

Signing off,