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Created: August 04, 2021 | by Camp Galil
Yom Yisrael

Good evening Galil friends! 

I think we’ve had the BEST day yet at machaneh (camp) because it was YOM ISRAEL (Israel day) today!!! The schlichim (Israeli emissaries) have been working non-stop lately to make this day super special, and their hard work definitely payed off!

We started out the day with an hour extra sleep-in and then got to eat a delicious Israeli themed breakfast of omelets, toast, tomato and cucumber salad, fruit, and chocolate pudding! Right after breakfast, we started our first round of activities of the day: the Amazing Race! Everyone split up into groups to go rafting (in the pool), climbing the rock wall, and going to a pride parade in Tel Aviv amongst other Israeli themed activities.

Celebrating in Tel Aviv

We then went to try different Israeli foods at Hyde Park for lunch such as falafel, hummus and pita, schnitzel, pigs in a blanket, and cabbage salad. Right after lunch we headed off to arguably the best part of the day!! FOAM PARTY! There was a massive pit of bubble foam where we danced to Israeli songs and had an Israeli beach themed party. At the end of the party, we had popsicles and got to shower off all the bubbles.

Beach Foam Party

Later in the afternoon we had an Israeli Chutzpah round robin where the chanichimot (campers) learned Israeli slang, voted in an election, bartered at a market, and practiced “bad driving.” When it was finally time for dinner we were so hungry! Thankfully we had lots of chicken and beef kabobs to eat along with tofu, peppers, corn on the cob, and potatoes. We then had a little chofesh (free time) to rest up for some very exciting evening festivities.

We ended the day by performing the dances we made with our kvutza (age-groups) to Israeli songs at the final messiba (party of the day), as well as eating ice cream from the Mister Softee’s ice cream truck!

Today was so so amazing and we can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! Laila tov (good night) everyone!