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Created: July 08, 2022 | by Camp Galil
Zap! Go Back!

Hey Galil families, after our active day at JRA yesterday, it was nice to be back at machaneh (camp). The morning started as usual, except for the bonimot (post 8th graders) who had yom bonim! This is a day where instead of following the normal schedule, the bonimot had a day full of special activities planned by their madrichimot (counselors) including hanging out at the creek, writing letters to each other, and watching a movie. It was a great way for them to relax, bond with each other, and have fun.

The rest of machaneh had a pretty normal day, with the tzophimot (post 7th graders) getting to go on ropes! They did the elements and the zipline and had so much fun! It’s always a fun time hanging out by the ropes course- I get to see chanichomot venturing out of their comfort zones and having a great time chilling in the woods. Meanwhile, the bogrimot (post 9th graders) had a meaningful discussion about kvutzah and how they can strengthen their commitment to each other.

Tonight’s tochnit erev (evening activity) was one of the most anticipated of the summer- ZAP! Zap has been part of Galil tradition for decades, and is the ultimate competition of stealth and skill. Everyone puts on an all-black outfit and starts at the refet (barn near the parking lot) The goal is to make it all the way to the pavilion in the corner of machaneh without being caught by madrichimot with flashlights stationed on roofs. If caught, the madrichimot yell out “zap! go back!” and the kids have to return to the nearest checkpoint. When they finally made it to the pavilion, the chanichimot were served banana bread to celebrate finishing their journey. Everyone had a great time! Can you believe it’s already our third Shabbat tomorrow? Neither can I! See you tomorrow for full coverage of the day.