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Created: July 13, 2023 | by Camp Galil
Zombie Takeover

Zombie Takeover

Greetings, Galil Families!

We were lucky to have a sunny day here at Machaneh Galil. We began our morning with Hitkansut Boker and Ivrit Shimushit. We had a special treat after Ivrit Shimushit: we got to play a fan dancing game together as a machaneh! Then, we headed to the chadar ochel for a yummy breakfast. We had eggs, hashbrowns, veggie sausages, toast, cheese, yogurt, and cereal.  Then, we split into our anafim for avodah.

After nikayon tzrif, we split into kvutzot for sadnaot. The bonimot and I played some silly games and then did improv in groups. The sayarimot helped out in the mitbach and the tzophimot began their special day on our ropes course. Following sadnaot, we regrouped into our kvutzot for peulot. While the tzophimot ziplined, the bonimot had a peulah about high school, and the sayarimot talked about youth empowerment

Then, we had lunch, which was chicken (or veggie) nuggets, broccoli, waffle fries, and a salad bar. Our wonderful tzevet mitbach made SIX different dipping sauces for the nuggets. We sang some songs, rested for a little bit, and transitioned into chuggim. Kiddos had a bnei mitzvah, played coke and pepsi, and had a fun pool party. 

After Chuggim came Pish Bet. The bogrimot spent their pish bet planning tonight’s tochnit erev: Bozombieland. Every year, the bogrimot (our oldest shikhvah) kick out all of the madatz and madrichimot. They plan the dinner menu, organize a fun activity, and then throw a big party to celebrate their accomplishment. This year’s theme is Zombieland. 

After pish bet, we had kibud and zman sport. The tzophimot threw a pool party for machaneh, and we also played basketball. After sports, we had some shower time and then gathered for shirah. At hitkansut, things took a turn and machaneh became overrun by zombies. The bogrimot kicked out all the madrichim, claiming they were infected with a mutant strand of dysentery-zombie virus. They went to a zombie-decorated chadar ochel for dinner and ate brains (spaghetti bolognese). Then, they played a game called zap. Zap is a Galil tradition where the kids try to get from one end of camp to the other, at night, without being spotted by madrichimot. The kids had a great time with zap, which later became a zombie party! For a late night snack, they ate brookies. 

At the end of the night, all of the madrichimot came back to put the kids to bed and say goodnight.

Signing off,